Monday, November 9, 2009


So... Halloween's come and gone, and I am finally posting our Halloween fun.

So B was going to be a witch for Halloween. She was super excited about it. And then we were in a fabric store buying fabric for a wedding dress, and she saw a pattern with a mermaid on it. There was no going back to the witch idea. At all. She had to be a mermaid. And that mermaid had to be blue. And of course, the pattern she picked HAD to be Simplicity. (for those of you who dont sew, Simplicity is a pattern company who DONT have simple patterns. They're just very wordy.)

So after rewriting the patern directions myself, and modifying the pattern to be easier to sew and make (and to be modest and warmer), and spending an hour in the fabric store with B picking out the fabric, and another hour curling her hair (which is like her grandmother's and wont stay curled), she was finally transformed into Mermaid B. (who is a BLUE mermaid. She was adamant)

We started out by going to a Trunk-or-treat. I think this is the first year that the concept of going up to people and asking for candy actually sunk in! She was in awe that people were so willing! "MOM! They gave me CANDY! This is so 'citing (exciting)!  Can we  do this again tomorrow?"

And we did! We dont really know anyone that lives around us, though, so we didnt want to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Instead we went to the area where most of the ward is (a subdivision) and went trick-or-treating there.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white... OCTOBER?

Wait, it's not supposed to snow the first week of October. Doesnt it know it's supposed to be beautiful until October 30th, so we're all excited thinking this year we wont have to freeze going trick-or-treating, just to be disapointed the night before? It's tradition!

I started watching conference at my house, on my computer. But my computer's old. And it didnt like the streaming video. And although I have a tv, it's downstairs, and it doesnt get any reception down there. (I REALLY HATE that there's no spell check on the new layout. I'm really tempted to go back to the old post-thing just for that. I could type my posts in Microsoft Word, but that's so much work. So y'all are just going to have to deal with the fact that my spelling's getting worse and worse.) Anyway, no conference downstairs. And a pain to watch on my outdated computer. So, Saturday night, I went to my grandma & grandpa's house. And stayed there 'til monday morning. And lo an behold, monday morning, I wake up and look out her window. And HOLY COW! For those of you who don't know my where my grandparents live, they have the PERFECT view of the Tetons outside their kitchen window. Artists have set up shop in their yard, just to capture the perfect view. But ... well look for yourself...

What happened to the Tetons? They've vanished! And although the Tetons have disapeared, this pic doesnt do the snow justice. Check out my car!

About 6 inches. And this was 8 in the morning! And it was still snowing. By the time we left at 11, it was completely covered again.  That's my dear ol' Grandpa. I think he's having fun. We got B all bundled up to go out to "help" and he just laughed.

It's kind of an irony having Grandma's cacti in the foreground...

And of course, with this much snow (and it being fairly wet), you just have to make a snowman! So, we'd like to introduce B's first ever snowman. 'cept she's a woman. see the long hair? (it's a small garbage bag)

she's got little marmelade sample bottle lids for eyes, and the marmelade bottle for a nose (afterwards, Grandpa pulled out carrots we could have used. oh well) And what else would you use as suprize snow snowman arms? Corn stalks left in the garden, of course!

B wanted to make more (of course! there's a whole yard full of snow. What else would you do?) but I had to get home so I could get back to work.

The snow didnt want to roll into balls. It was a little too powdery for that. So we had to use the piling method. WE made a mound and then just kept building it up. we tried to make a ball for the head, and man, it took work! But for a first snowman, er, woman, it's not bad!

I was smart enough to make B bring a coat, but I didnt think she'd need gloves! It wasnt supposed to snow. And of course, when it snows you have to play in it! So these are some of "Great Grandma's" gloves. They didnt want to stay on. But with the excitement of the first snow, B didn't care!

I dont know if I regret my actions...

****this is not the origional post. I've deleted it.****

So, I feel differently this morning. I don't really care how he feels or what he's doing. He can mess up his own life. And although I shouldn't judge, I don't regret rebuking him. My friend helped me feel better. She told me to stop beating myself up. I cant take it back, and if I hadn't actually expresed my feelings, I would have regretted it. Even if it does strain the already strained relationship. Even if it does cost more because we are dueling it out with lawyers. I said what I felt. For the first time this whole estrangement. Granted, I've started to tell him what I thought. And I had told him how I felt in reguards to how great he was, etc. But I never actually told him about how much I feared where he was heading.

And I'm back to not wanting him back. I know I go through cycles. And although its probably annoying for all of you who have to listen to me in my various cycles, they are healthy. They are normal. And although I may slip back into the wanting him back phase, this is the strongest I've felt for NOT wanting him back.

I just keep thinking of Pahoran. (Alma 60-63. You'll have to click the "next" for the other chapters). And the scripture about the guilty taking the truth to be hard.  I know I'm not Nephi, or Moroni. And if he pointed out my weaknesses or failings, I'd be ticked (and therefore no better), but I can't help but thinking of how his response speaks. And it makes me even MORE determined NOT to want him back.

Friday, October 2, 2009

my poor, poor garden

So, remember this post? (about my garden). Ever wonder how it went? Well... let's just say I'm not really that good at growing things. Well, I take that back. I grow things, but it's usually on accident. Somehow things grow, even with my negligence. For instance, I have a plant in my kitchen that probably only gets watered once a month... but it's still alive. perhaps not thriving (because I don't think it's really growing) but it's green. And it looks healthy. And it's not just plants. When I was 14, we had this fish. There wasn't anywhere to put it in our house, so I got to keep it in my room. And I was in charge of feeding it. Poor thing. I meant to, I swear. I wasn't negligent on purpose! But that fish only got fed about once a week. And the thing lived! for a whole year. And then we moved and it ("mysteriously") didn't follow us. I did feed the cats, though. Didn't neglect them. ... and they died. hm.... I'm starting to worry about my sweet child...

Anyway, better get back to my garden... like I say, I didn't do to well with it. But I knew I'd be busy this summer, and I didn't have any high hopes for it, because, lets face it, I was proud of myself just for PLANTING it! I didn't think anything would actually GROW!

But it did, and I showed off my pics. And then the peas were ripe for picking right as I headed up home for Jake and Sarah's (My bro and now-sis) wedding. So they didn't get picked. And same with the Green beans. I picked 'em when we got back, but they were all over-ripe, hard, and wrinkly. Mom calls 'em grandpas, but they were more like great-grandpas. So, no peas, and about a serving of green beans were salvageable. We had TONS of lettuce. TONS. Problem was, we also had TONS of nasty disgusting earwigs IN the lettuce (the lettuce was fine, just washed REALLY well. And the earwigs met their demise. As for beets and carrots?

This is it. The biggest carrot's about 3 1/2 inches. (there are more carrots than what shows up, they're just on the bottom.) And the biggest beet's about 2" in diameter. Maybe 3. And this is our ONE squash. It's supposed to be a summer squash, I think, but I just barely picked it. It's tiny. OK, not bad. Normal, even. But Compared to the HONKIN' zucchini and squash I've been given, it looks kinda pitiful.

The cucumbers never grew. The bugs ate the starts, and they never grew after that. And the peppers never even sprouted. Neither did the onions. Probably too cold. Or not enough sunshine. And the radishes grew... they just went to seed before they ever got bulbs.

Here are our pumpkins. They're still green. But It's freezing now, so we've decided to let them ripen in our house. The one didn't like it's stem... oops.

as for our tomatoes? well, they're still on the vine. I've been covering them every night. I should probably just pick them and let them ripen in the house, too. but they're all still green. Mom says pull the whole plant up and bring them in to let them ripen, but I'm leary of that... I'm sure she's right, I just don't want to.
so my notes to self: next year, plant sooner. And actually WATER the garden! (I'm a genius. To think, it took a whole summer to come up with that...) And if I have a wedding, either pick the garden BEFOREHAND or have someone else pick it for me. And I'm not starting my tomatoes outside. I'm gonna either start 'em in the house, or buy the starts. And probably the same for the peppers. And I'm not gonna plant so much lettuce. maybe more beats, instead. because I didnt even have enough to bottle. Course, if they GREW, maybe there would have been enough... Also, I liked the Ruby Queen beets over the Detroit Dark Red, because they actually bulbed, instead of staying like straight sticks. I liked the combo of both lettuces together, so I'll still plant both of them next year.
Oh, and next year, don't let the Priests mow over my rhubarb. That's on the list, too. ;c)

Monday, September 28, 2009

bugs, bugs, bugs

These are the bugs I said we made at B's birthday party. We've been making them for fun ever since (there were 40 in the package, so we had quite a few left after that party. Minus the antennae and the eyes, B can do them all herself. She likes sticking them on the strip to turn them into puppets.

(PS. does anyone else "strongly dislike" how hard it is to get pics to go where you want them to go on your blog? Especially without ten thousand spaces? )

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sorry these pics are so awful. I didn't have a camera with me, so I used my phone. I will add some pics from the professional photographer in the near future.


8,12,16" squares
serves 200 (excluding top tier)
artificial flowers and ribbon

Friday, September 11, 2009

For Missy

Missy, this is the cake I made for Threadcakes. I'm embarrased to post it here because yours was so much better. This one was supposed to be the first of many, but ... well, July and August were (as you all have noticed) kinda busy.

the shirt:

If you're clueless about Threadcakes, check out treadcakes.com

Ready to go

How a 4 year old packs to go to Grandma's house:
A baby doll in her carrier, her new Aurora barbie in a container from another birthday present, along with some princess dolls. And, of course, the baby's diaper bag. She thought I was taking too long to pack, so she decided to do it for me.

The birthday party

B's party this year was lots of fun. We started off making butterfly wings (sorry, this is as good a picture as I have. Forgot to get a pic of B decorating hers. My friend took pics for me too, so maybe she has one (dont you love this? I really need a new camera. Eventually...)

I had Face Painting, too, but I think only 3 people had their face painted. The rest didn't want it. B included. Then they made these bug rings. B's been making the extras ever since. she's got about 10 in her collection now.

Then we ate lunch. Then we did a bug hunt that was WAY too easy for the kids, but hey, they had fun. we used these bugs.

Next we did the Pinata! Here's a pic while I was making it:

and pic of it being used.

Now, you might wonder where the cake is??? I'm so terrible! She didnt get one. And that is what she was the most interested in! I still plan on making one for her (to add to my portfolio, and cause we could always use more cake). The kids just got cupcakes. box-mix-and-store-bought-icing cupcakes! (I think this goes along with the mechanic whose car's always broken and the plumber who has no running water.)

The new friend at Grandma's house

...who has already disapeared. Don't tell B...

This kitten was a runt from the new litter of kittens at Grandma's house. The other kitties didn't like it, and all it wanted was some human attention. If we left the door open at Grandma's house, the kitty'd be right inside within seconds. If we walked outside, it'd be right under our feet. B just LOVED it. I was sorely tempted to lift the cat-ban at our house for it, but our last cats did a number on our carpets, and this being a wild cat, I was NOT in the mood to train it. And I avoided litter box duty every chance I got last time. And now there'd be no one but me to do it. Needless to say, no cats! I wish it were still at Grandma's house for B to enjoy, but knew it probably wouldn't be. There are too many wild dogs, and this kitten was way too friendly.

This kitty took an especial kinship to B. If B was outside at all, this kitty was only 2 steps away. Even when B was on the Tramp, the kitty would follow her shadow underneath.

It LOVED jumping on the tramp with B, as long as it could be right there. It even tried to follow B up and down the slide (didn't work). When B was on the tramp, I thought maybe the kitty just didn't know how to get back to the house. So I carried her back, and she (the kitty) whined and whined. All she wanted was to spend time with her friend.

I love this quote!

I want this plaque!

FAIRYTALES are more than true
not because they tell us that DRAGONS do exist,
but because they tell us that they can be BEATEN!

Our wednesday excursions

Every wednesday, I have a meeting in a nearby town, and B comes with because they have a "kids meeting" at the same time. It gets done an hour before I can go to work (where B comes with, as well) so, we often spend that time in the LDS temple visitors center. The poor little ladies there are probably sick of seeing me (ok, probably not). We always do the same thing: go into the center and listen to Jesus (they have a Christus that the kids are welcome to touch, and they play a couple quotes from the teachings of Christ), then we watch the same (by now, they're really monotonous) videos about kids explaining the gospel, then walk around the temple grounds and ponder what we learned at our "meetings" and how they apply to our lives.

B loves flowers! (It's a girl thing...) She's got to touch them. Loves how soft they are. She's really gentle, because she doesnt want to break them, but it still makes me nervous. She's so good about it though. And I'm sure there's no rule against touching, because its just one more way to enjoy God's creations. As long as she's not preventing others from doing the same.

This is my favorite flower! I love how full they are. And huge! I love how something so overwhelming comes in such a small package at first. And then, BOOM, an explosion of blossom. I also love how tall and regal they stand.
I'm so grateful we have a temple so close (2, in fact). I am grateful for the beautiful grounds, so that even though I am not dressed to go inside, I can still feel of the love and peace that the temple seems to radiate. I am also thankful that my daughter can have the same opportunity.
I'm also thankful for one of the temple engineers. He's a friend of mine, and used to be a friend of "The Man." Still is, I hope. Sometimes I get a chance to talk to him while he's making his rounds and B and I are out walking. He has been around the block a time or two and has some good gospel advice for those struggling. I admire him for where he's been and where he is.

Dance Festival 2: Finale


They're supposed to be rocket scientists.

This one wasn't too bad. some of the other ones were annoying though.

Actual Dance Performance: (disclaimer: my pictures are TERRIBLE and don't do the festival justice. You'll notice about 1/2 way down that the pics get smaller and a little less garish. I figured out that if Ii turned the resolution down, you could actually see what I was taking a picture of. Too bad it was 1/2 way through the thing...)

Japan. The little girls in front were SOOO cute! Music wasn't not my style but I can see Kendahl (my drummer friend) loving it.

ummm... ok, still don't remember. It's Gotta be Romania, though.

Russia Cossacks.

um... don't know who this is. Maybe it's Romania again? i want to point out that in the middle of this picture is a woman supporting the entire weight of an upside down man. the black thing in the air is his feet. Once you see it there, you'll see that she's not the only one! there are 2 others.

Lithuania? These were by far the oldest dancers. most of the groups sent young adults or kids, but this group was full of mustached old men and mid-40's aged women.

Mexico. It's a bummer you cant see these dresses. They were actually really pretty.

I think this is the Russians again, but i honestly have no clue, and the pictures aren't helping.

Taiwan. BEAUTIFUL. seriously, everything about these girls was beautiful. Dances, costumes, fans, parasols, everything!

Japan again.

Lithuania (I think.) again.

Mexico again. (these costumes were gorgeous, too)

Korea again.

Closing Dance.
We picked the girls up after the show, spent FOREVER looking for one of the girls' pants just to discover they were at home all along (I was irritated, and so was Ginger (one of the ones in charge). Especially because we'd spent the whole morning trying to convince this girl that she needed to bring everything she needed only to spend the afternoon rushing back and forth getting her stuff. )
The next day was closing ceremonies, where the Koreans ate all of our lunch instead of sharing (Thanks Bean family for sharing with us so we didn't go hungry :c) ), running them home to get the stuff they left there again, shopping with some VERY nice Korean boys (especially in comparison to the girls...) who bought B the frog you see below. Kinda too young for her, but they were so sweet, I didn't want to tell them that. Another Korean did B's hair. She was a sweet one too. Most people said they didn't have any problems with their guests. Just us and one other family.
Anyway, Dropped the Koreans off and was SOOO glad to be done with them later Saturday afternoon.

The Dance Festival Festivities

Sorry these pics are so blurry. I'm telling you, there's a camera convention somewhere on how all cameras should be awful for Keira.

On Monday, we let the girls sleep all day, then went and got some groceries, then dropped the girls off for the parade and checked out all the booths before finding a nice spot to watch the parade.

The one and only float.

The sidewalks were PACKED! No walking room whatsoever.

Chinese Taipei... what the heck, I'm not in government. China can just deal with the fact that it's TAIWAN. I think they should be their own country, no matter what the Chinese government things. And China needs a reality check, anyway.
Anyway, don't you love those fans? This is one time that pictures just don't do them justice. They were GORGEOUS! And so were all of these girls. And they were always so prim and proper. Taiwan was VERY well represented.

ummmm.... can't remember who this is. See why I've got to update this now?

Ok, I KNOW this one's Japan, not only 'cause the name's in the picture, but because they were very memorable. I want to comment on this young woman, though. I watched her the entire festival. She was always gracious, always friendly, and always a leader. I saw her giving special attention to the kids, and watched how she interacted with her team. Her parents should be proud. Some stranger in Rural America admired their daughter and the way she acted.

I cant remember this one either. I think it's Lithuania.

Mexico. When these guys WORE clothes, they were beautiful. And these outfits were... interesting. But I swear they ran around the whole time half dressed.

Russia Cossacks. Ok I know the story behind "Chinese Taipei" but why are these guys "Cossacks?" and not just Russians? Anyway, there was a guy from this team that i was very impressed with too, but I'll talk about him later.

Koreans. Well, the dancers anyway. There were about 12 dancers and 25-30 drummers. Our girls were dancers. They are the ones in the middle row.

And of course, the Americans. I was actually impressed with this picture because i somehow managed to catch them in the moment when you cant see ANYONE's faces (at least the girls'. Looks like we can kinda see one guy.) I'm good, hu? Anyway, Summer knows the guy on the left. Used to work with him. Small world, isn't it?

After the parade, it started to rain. But everyone was good sports about it, and we all just hung out in the rain. I got to watch the Russians dance (My sis and B were at the other end of the route waiting for the Americans, but the Taiwanese were supposed to preform before them and their costumes weren't water proof, so she just ended up waiting for nothing).

This is the other guy that stood out to me. He's the one on the left. you cant see it in this picture, but he was doing half of his dance with a newly-purchased pretzel in his hand. (he had just bought it, thinking he had a chance to eat it when all of the sudden his group was starting to dance) and then he just threw it on the ground because he couldn't dance with his partner with it. His brand-new pretzel! You know he had to be hungry. I don't know what it was about him that struck me, but there's something in his countenance that you didn't see in a lot of the others.

On Tuesday, we got the girls up at the crack of dawn and took them to the Rigby Junior High for youth culture day, then picked them up at 12, fed them lunch and dropped them off at Stockmans restauraunt in Rigby. We didnt see them until 10:30 that night.

Then we got them up early again on wednesday and dropped them off at 4:30 am (I swear there was no time to sleep on the schedule) and didn't see them until 6pm (ok, I was at a baby shower, so I didn't see them until much later, but Summer saw them at 6:30 when they were dropped off.)

Same kind of schedule for Thurdsay. We dropped them off early, went into town to eat lunch with them (found out they'd already eaten and that it was a wasted trip) and then picked them up at 3:30. Instead of going to Smith Park for a community thing, the Koreans cooked for us. Most of their food was NASTY. some of it was ok, but, supprisingly (not) it went fast. The wind was SOOO horrible outside, that most people's food ended up in their laps. Including B's. and if any of you have seen her get messy, it's NOT a pretty picture. She HATES being messy. So that killed the evening for her. poor thing.

Friday we Dropped the Koreans off early again, and instead of picking them up just to drop them off again, we took lunch and hung out at the Hart building on campus. we taught them Uno, Chinese Checkers, Old Maid, Yatzee, and the Cup game. Can you believe they already knew the cup game!?! Girls on the other side of the world know how to do that silly little girls-camp passtime! It's a small world after all... They taught us a game that's kind of like Jacks. Then it was time for them to get ready, so we went and found our seats (Nice, front and center seats) to watch the dances.