Friday, February 6, 2009



12" circle
serves aprox. 25 (party servings)
buttercream with fondant on top
strawberry cake (pink for a girl!)
gumpaste decorations
chocolate writing

Ok, this is obviously not a wedding cake, but I had to share it! it's just too cute to pass up! It was made for a baby shower, but I think it is just as appropriate as a little girl's birthday cake. gumpaste is amazing!
The inspiration for this cake comes from Sugar Creations.
I confess, I am dang proud of these gumpaste decorations! The sugar is grainy inside the sugarbowl (cant tell in the pic), there's a cracked egg, the cupcake pan has actual depth, quilt has quilt marks! It was a BLAST to make this cake!

Sorry the pictures aren't so clear, I'm not good with the camera (I swear it hates me!)

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