Monday, June 29, 2009


I really think I'm booked until the end of August! Here it is, almost July, and I already can't tell where the time has gone! I am doing all of these cakes (if I have time for them!), I'm trying to keep my basement dry (all of this rain isn't doing the basement good... it's leaking through cracks and seeping everywhere!), I'm working on my little brother's wedding (hi, Jake!), and I'm planning the funnest birthday party of the year for an almost-4-year-old! (OK, I'm hoping it'll be fun, but we'll see if its the funnest...) On top of that, I'm going to be filing for divorce, or separation (we'll see which when I finally know what he wants), and cleaning houses, and working my "night job," and weeding my garden, and living the summer up, and (hopefully) entering a cake in the fair, and cleaning my house (I'm a messy cake decorator, and my child thinks she who dies with the biggest mess wins), constantly doing laundry (there's only 2 of us! how do so many clothes get dirty?), you name it! Anyway, I really feel like I've got sooo much to do! Every Monday I sit down and plan what I have going on the next week, and kind of look what's coming up in the proceeding weeks, and I almost get exhausted just thinking about it!

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