Monday, July 13, 2009

Common "mystakes" on my blog:

I confess that although I loved grammar and spelling while I was in school (no, really, I did. I am a weirdo), I am quite terrible at both now. So things you will often see wrong in my posts:

  • Capitalization! Both for words like "I," "I'm," and I'll" and at the beginning of sentences.
  • The second letter will be capitalized when I actually remember to capitalize. Especially if it's an O or an N. So words like "SO" or "NOw," and words like "ANd."
  • The word think. I end up typing thingk. Repeatedly.
  • The w always tries to jump ahead in my words, like "hwo" or "nwo." My H's have the opposite problem; it's usually "taht" and "waht."

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