Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm always a little behind...

(The title of this blog entry comes from my grandmother's fridge. She has a little magnet with a "tush" on it, with that saying... I always thought it was hilarious. 'Course I was, like, six when I first saw it, so maybe it's the childishness shining through...or nostalgia. That's it, it's nostalgia.)

Anywho, the pics are causing a little delay... Mom put me to work separating peas from their pods (LOTS AND LOTS OF PEAS! I was seeing green circles everywhere I looked for quite a while afterwards... and scratching like crazy, since I've now got about 5 mosquito bites from sitting outside) And fixing her sergers (all 3 of them) and then Sarah and Jake took mom and I to town to check out the wedding site and run some decorating brainstorms (did I mention that I get to do LOADS of fun stuff for their wedding?) and go shopping with them for her bridal fabrics (She's so funny. She defers to me on almost everything. I mean, she has her opinions, but she looks to me for confirmation of those opinions. It's like I need to filter the selections into 2 or three choices and then she can pick from those. And she and I have such similar tastes, even if we show them very differently. Also, I have a... a talent, I guess, for sticking to a theme. I know what blends well with what is already selected and what the bride would like. That's part of why I got into this business.) Anyway, I didn't have time to update my blog at Mom's house before I had to come back for work, so she's emailing them to me, which will take a while! Man, if I just had my own camera! All I've got is my phone (which actually works out pretty well. That's where all of the previous pics are from). I'm saving up though.

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