Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More from the 4th

One of my friends likes to do a huge 4th of July party every year, and this year was a blast.

B. had tons of fun with her friend D. Those two can play for hours and hours without any problem. He is such a gentleman when he's with her. Its so funny. He'll do anything for her, and, of course, she lets him and takes advantage of it. But he does it so willingly! He'll get whatever she needs, he'll push her on the swings, and he'll keep her safe from any bullies or bigger kids. She loves it. And he's an awesome kid.

They had LOADS of fireworks. B. and D. Loved it. D. got tired, and so his mom took him home, and B. got bored after that, so we took her home, too. the fireworks went on way after we left, I'm sure.

we went home and did some fireworks of our own. (I'm still waiting for pics, so I guess you'll just have to imagine those...)

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