Monday, August 10, 2009


I swear these pics arent pixelated on my computer. I'll see what I need to do to fix them. Anyway, I made this cake for a Luau party with a couple friends.


1/4 Sheetcake
Gumpaste flowers
Buttercream skirt


I was not impressed with this fondant. I don't use this kind anymore. And sorry they're so pixilated. Dont know why that is.

Charlie Brown
1/4 sheet cake

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I finally have my house back! I dropped the Koreans off at 4, and they're headed back to their homeland tonight. (OK, they head to SLC where they'll get onto a plane tomorrow around lunch, but close enough). Let me tell you, it was tough work! And my "charges" weren't exactly easy to work with. They spoke very little English, but even if they did know, it wouldn't matter, because they didn't TRY to understand what I was saying. They'd either ignore me or say something they didn't mean. (I know because when we'd go with what they'd say and get to where we were going, they'd suddenly realize that maybe what they said isn't really what they wanted...) and their level of respect wasn't that high. Not even according to Korean customs. I mean, if they were disrespectful in American custom, but respectful in theirs, I'd say they just don't understand our culture. But no. And let me tell you, the lack of responsibility!

Yeah, it was a long week. But it had its good moments, too. We learned a new Korean game that is a lot like Jacks. And we taught them Yahtzee (I think they've seen that game before though, or at least similar. because although it was obvious they'd never played before, they figured it out pretty quickly.) and Uno, and War and Old maid. We would have played Frisbee but one of our girls twisted her ankle. They all enjoyed Wall*E. And we went and fed the ducks and went shopping, too! And I don't think that B. realized that they don't speak very good English, because she never stopped talking this whole week! Jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber! We also got to go to all of the festivities, (OK, I didn't go to the one tonight. Decided I needed to catch up on all the stuff I didn't have time for the rest of this week.) which was lots of fun.

B., my sister, and I picked up our Korean friends at 12 on saturday. We brought them back to our house to unpack, and my sister stayed with them while I dropped off the cake. I was running late, so she took them to the go get ready at 2:00. Then she came back home and we all went to the opening ceremonies.

2 silly observations:

  1.  EVERY anthem from the festival had a drumroll. I wonder if it's a requirement.
  2.  B could care less about the dancing. She just liked standing up for everyone's national anthem.
On Sunday, we dropped the Koreans off at the group-leader's house while we went to church, then we picked them up and took them to go see the ducks on the greenbelt. After we were done feeding the ducks, we went back to the group-leader's house for a potluck dinner.

These are the 2 Koreans that stayed at our house. Don't ask me their names, 'cause I don't know them. I can't pronounce them. Or write the same characters. I know that these girls were 13 and 10 (but they'd say they were 14 and 11, because in Korea, they are one year old from the day they are born.) This is one of the free days we had. One of the only free days. We took them to feed the ducks.

Instead of tearing off pieces for the ducks, the girls would make a long string of bread. Then they'd wait patiently for the duck to get hungry enough to come close and eat it out of their hands. B liked the idea, even if the concept was lost on her. She wanted to be just like her "friends."

I had three quirky ... epiphanies (for lack of a better word) this day:

1. I never noticed how flexible a goose's neck was. Each goose carried it's neck a just a little differently, and it would bend like crazy. I mean, It's nothing out of the ordinary, for a goose. But I'm not a goose. I'm silly, I know. Just never noticed it before.

2. Even people on the other side of the world can be so terrified of something seemingly harmless they'll go out of their way to avoid it. In this case, I'm talking about dogs. Even the Eensy weensy dogs. The youngest Korean was so afraid of them, she would run all the way to the far side of the street just to avoid them.

3. Isn't it weird that you can sound like you're speaking gibberish to one person, and yet to some one else the things you're saying make perfect sense? That we're all the same species and yet we cant even understand the same language? And how did those languages really come about? I mean, Babel is right. It's just Babbling to me! But the idea that it totally makes sense to someone else is just so bizarre! And I speak Spanish, so you'd think the concept shouldn't be that weird to me. But Spanish is easy. And any Latin language makes sense every once in a while. but Korean is SOOO foreign (...exactly...).

Monday, August 3, 2009


Here's the most recent cake I've made. We'll call it a preview, but I don't know when I'll ever have time to catch up with all the pictures of cakes I need to add to that site. I was pretty stressed about this one, because I ordered fondant online, and it didn't show up and it didn't show up. Come to find out they hadn't even shipped it. So I ordered it again. and I expected it 2 days before the cake. So still stressful, but not too bad. well, it didn't show up until the day the cake was DUE. I MADE this fondant myself, and man was that a PAIN!

When I dropped it off, the MOB (mom of bride) CRIED! She just thought it was so beautiful, and just like what she wanted, and was so glad that it had worked out. I think that's gotta be the crowning moment of my career. I kinda got the vibe that she didn't really have faith in me when she first placed the order. Didn't think it could be done, mostly. And so when she gets it, and it's like what she wanted... Yeah, I needed that.

The inspiration for Chalise came from a cake by Carol Fouts at The Cake Corner, but her listing has since dropped.  I definitely recommend her for anyone in Texas! She is super sweet, her cakes are gorgeous, and she definitely treats each and every customer special.

8,12,16" squares
bottom tier serves 128
Chocolate fondant
Gumpaste rope
Fudge Icing silhouette

spray park

The summer's not complete until you've had a trip to the water park!  I did promise this little one that we'd go back another time and bring friends so that we could have lots more fun (and maybe they wont be so afraid of the water that they could convince her that she wants to get wet...)

No, she's not sunburned. She's just really pale and reflects the sunlight ...
Oh, and I guess here's a good place to mention that B got a haircut! We took about 2 inches off, just to give it a nice healthy look. I'd say it worked.

3-year old fashion sense

I bet some of you will laugh at these pics because you've been there, and I've already mentioned B's love of dress up clothes and shoes, so without further ado, this is how B. wanted to go to the store:
Note the LACK of shoes this time, but the inclusion of her "purse" full of Disney princesses. This look consists of her night gown and an apron that Grandma made for her, and to top of this fabulous look are the oh-so-stylin cat "glasses."
PS. please don't mind the missing sheets on B's bed. They ARE on the bed, they're just not ... ON the bed. I think it was 3 nights before she FINALLY let me put them the way they go.

Pioneer Day

I love being in places that embrace their heritage! not many places celebrate Pioneer Day. For those who don't know Pioneer Day is a memorial occasion of when the pioneers (finally) made it to their destination in the dear old west: Salt Lake City. It's celebrated most often by simple, kid-filled parades, "western" food and fun, and the occasional cotton dress and bonnet. Our Parade was lots earlier, and we didn't go to it, but the rest is right on. Although the western food this time consisted of a sandwich, a brownie, a bag of chips, and an apple. (come to think of it, I put my apple in the car to eat later and never took it out ...I bet it's still in there... somewhere ... baked apple, anyone? Now I KNOW you're all dying to ride with me some place, aren't ya?) 

We rode horses, we ate dinner, we played in the de-fished water (they let the kids "catch" real fish in a little pool made by tarps and hay bails. Needless to say, I DIDN'T want a fish. But once the fish were all gone, we let B. and her friends play) I have pics but I haven't asked their mommy for permission to put their cute faces online yet.

And then Mommy had to go work, so we had to go...

B. had a great time, and is STILL telling anyone who will listen that she rode "the little horses, but not the big ones, because they were too big. but I rode the little ones." (except repeat that line of thought 4 more times...)