Friday, September 11, 2009

Dance Festival 2: Finale


They're supposed to be rocket scientists.

This one wasn't too bad. some of the other ones were annoying though.

Actual Dance Performance: (disclaimer: my pictures are TERRIBLE and don't do the festival justice. You'll notice about 1/2 way down that the pics get smaller and a little less garish. I figured out that if Ii turned the resolution down, you could actually see what I was taking a picture of. Too bad it was 1/2 way through the thing...)

Japan. The little girls in front were SOOO cute! Music wasn't not my style but I can see Kendahl (my drummer friend) loving it.

ummm... ok, still don't remember. It's Gotta be Romania, though.

Russia Cossacks.

um... don't know who this is. Maybe it's Romania again? i want to point out that in the middle of this picture is a woman supporting the entire weight of an upside down man. the black thing in the air is his feet. Once you see it there, you'll see that she's not the only one! there are 2 others.

Lithuania? These were by far the oldest dancers. most of the groups sent young adults or kids, but this group was full of mustached old men and mid-40's aged women.

Mexico. It's a bummer you cant see these dresses. They were actually really pretty.

I think this is the Russians again, but i honestly have no clue, and the pictures aren't helping.

Taiwan. BEAUTIFUL. seriously, everything about these girls was beautiful. Dances, costumes, fans, parasols, everything!

Japan again.

Lithuania (I think.) again.

Mexico again. (these costumes were gorgeous, too)

Korea again.

Closing Dance.
We picked the girls up after the show, spent FOREVER looking for one of the girls' pants just to discover they were at home all along (I was irritated, and so was Ginger (one of the ones in charge). Especially because we'd spent the whole morning trying to convince this girl that she needed to bring everything she needed only to spend the afternoon rushing back and forth getting her stuff. )
The next day was closing ceremonies, where the Koreans ate all of our lunch instead of sharing (Thanks Bean family for sharing with us so we didn't go hungry :c) ), running them home to get the stuff they left there again, shopping with some VERY nice Korean boys (especially in comparison to the girls...) who bought B the frog you see below. Kinda too young for her, but they were so sweet, I didn't want to tell them that. Another Korean did B's hair. She was a sweet one too. Most people said they didn't have any problems with their guests. Just us and one other family.
Anyway, Dropped the Koreans off and was SOOO glad to be done with them later Saturday afternoon.

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