Friday, September 11, 2009

Our wednesday excursions

Every wednesday, I have a meeting in a nearby town, and B comes with because they have a "kids meeting" at the same time. It gets done an hour before I can go to work (where B comes with, as well) so, we often spend that time in the LDS temple visitors center. The poor little ladies there are probably sick of seeing me (ok, probably not). We always do the same thing: go into the center and listen to Jesus (they have a Christus that the kids are welcome to touch, and they play a couple quotes from the teachings of Christ), then we watch the same (by now, they're really monotonous) videos about kids explaining the gospel, then walk around the temple grounds and ponder what we learned at our "meetings" and how they apply to our lives.

B loves flowers! (It's a girl thing...) She's got to touch them. Loves how soft they are. She's really gentle, because she doesnt want to break them, but it still makes me nervous. She's so good about it though. And I'm sure there's no rule against touching, because its just one more way to enjoy God's creations. As long as she's not preventing others from doing the same.

This is my favorite flower! I love how full they are. And huge! I love how something so overwhelming comes in such a small package at first. And then, BOOM, an explosion of blossom. I also love how tall and regal they stand.
I'm so grateful we have a temple so close (2, in fact). I am grateful for the beautiful grounds, so that even though I am not dressed to go inside, I can still feel of the love and peace that the temple seems to radiate. I am also thankful that my daughter can have the same opportunity.
I'm also thankful for one of the temple engineers. He's a friend of mine, and used to be a friend of "The Man." Still is, I hope. Sometimes I get a chance to talk to him while he's making his rounds and B and I are out walking. He has been around the block a time or two and has some good gospel advice for those struggling. I admire him for where he's been and where he is.

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