Friday, September 11, 2009

The birthday party

B's party this year was lots of fun. We started off making butterfly wings (sorry, this is as good a picture as I have. Forgot to get a pic of B decorating hers. My friend took pics for me too, so maybe she has one (dont you love this? I really need a new camera. Eventually...)

I had Face Painting, too, but I think only 3 people had their face painted. The rest didn't want it. B included. Then they made these bug rings. B's been making the extras ever since. she's got about 10 in her collection now.

Then we ate lunch. Then we did a bug hunt that was WAY too easy for the kids, but hey, they had fun. we used these bugs.

Next we did the Pinata! Here's a pic while I was making it:

and pic of it being used.

Now, you might wonder where the cake is??? I'm so terrible! She didnt get one. And that is what she was the most interested in! I still plan on making one for her (to add to my portfolio, and cause we could always use more cake). The kids just got cupcakes. box-mix-and-store-bought-icing cupcakes! (I think this goes along with the mechanic whose car's always broken and the plumber who has no running water.)

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