Friday, September 11, 2009

The Dance Festival Festivities

Sorry these pics are so blurry. I'm telling you, there's a camera convention somewhere on how all cameras should be awful for Keira.

On Monday, we let the girls sleep all day, then went and got some groceries, then dropped the girls off for the parade and checked out all the booths before finding a nice spot to watch the parade.

The one and only float.

The sidewalks were PACKED! No walking room whatsoever.

Chinese Taipei... what the heck, I'm not in government. China can just deal with the fact that it's TAIWAN. I think they should be their own country, no matter what the Chinese government things. And China needs a reality check, anyway.
Anyway, don't you love those fans? This is one time that pictures just don't do them justice. They were GORGEOUS! And so were all of these girls. And they were always so prim and proper. Taiwan was VERY well represented.

ummmm.... can't remember who this is. See why I've got to update this now?

Ok, I KNOW this one's Japan, not only 'cause the name's in the picture, but because they were very memorable. I want to comment on this young woman, though. I watched her the entire festival. She was always gracious, always friendly, and always a leader. I saw her giving special attention to the kids, and watched how she interacted with her team. Her parents should be proud. Some stranger in Rural America admired their daughter and the way she acted.

I cant remember this one either. I think it's Lithuania.

Mexico. When these guys WORE clothes, they were beautiful. And these outfits were... interesting. But I swear they ran around the whole time half dressed.

Russia Cossacks. Ok I know the story behind "Chinese Taipei" but why are these guys "Cossacks?" and not just Russians? Anyway, there was a guy from this team that i was very impressed with too, but I'll talk about him later.

Koreans. Well, the dancers anyway. There were about 12 dancers and 25-30 drummers. Our girls were dancers. They are the ones in the middle row.

And of course, the Americans. I was actually impressed with this picture because i somehow managed to catch them in the moment when you cant see ANYONE's faces (at least the girls'. Looks like we can kinda see one guy.) I'm good, hu? Anyway, Summer knows the guy on the left. Used to work with him. Small world, isn't it?

After the parade, it started to rain. But everyone was good sports about it, and we all just hung out in the rain. I got to watch the Russians dance (My sis and B were at the other end of the route waiting for the Americans, but the Taiwanese were supposed to preform before them and their costumes weren't water proof, so she just ended up waiting for nothing).

This is the other guy that stood out to me. He's the one on the left. you cant see it in this picture, but he was doing half of his dance with a newly-purchased pretzel in his hand. (he had just bought it, thinking he had a chance to eat it when all of the sudden his group was starting to dance) and then he just threw it on the ground because he couldn't dance with his partner with it. His brand-new pretzel! You know he had to be hungry. I don't know what it was about him that struck me, but there's something in his countenance that you didn't see in a lot of the others.

On Tuesday, we got the girls up at the crack of dawn and took them to the Rigby Junior High for youth culture day, then picked them up at 12, fed them lunch and dropped them off at Stockmans restauraunt in Rigby. We didnt see them until 10:30 that night.

Then we got them up early again on wednesday and dropped them off at 4:30 am (I swear there was no time to sleep on the schedule) and didn't see them until 6pm (ok, I was at a baby shower, so I didn't see them until much later, but Summer saw them at 6:30 when they were dropped off.)

Same kind of schedule for Thurdsay. We dropped them off early, went into town to eat lunch with them (found out they'd already eaten and that it was a wasted trip) and then picked them up at 3:30. Instead of going to Smith Park for a community thing, the Koreans cooked for us. Most of their food was NASTY. some of it was ok, but, supprisingly (not) it went fast. The wind was SOOO horrible outside, that most people's food ended up in their laps. Including B's. and if any of you have seen her get messy, it's NOT a pretty picture. She HATES being messy. So that killed the evening for her. poor thing.

Friday we Dropped the Koreans off early again, and instead of picking them up just to drop them off again, we took lunch and hung out at the Hart building on campus. we taught them Uno, Chinese Checkers, Old Maid, Yatzee, and the Cup game. Can you believe they already knew the cup game!?! Girls on the other side of the world know how to do that silly little girls-camp passtime! It's a small world after all... They taught us a game that's kind of like Jacks. Then it was time for them to get ready, so we went and found our seats (Nice, front and center seats) to watch the dances.

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