Monday, November 9, 2009


So... Halloween's come and gone, and I am finally posting our Halloween fun.

So B was going to be a witch for Halloween. She was super excited about it. And then we were in a fabric store buying fabric for a wedding dress, and she saw a pattern with a mermaid on it. There was no going back to the witch idea. At all. She had to be a mermaid. And that mermaid had to be blue. And of course, the pattern she picked HAD to be Simplicity. (for those of you who dont sew, Simplicity is a pattern company who DONT have simple patterns. They're just very wordy.)

So after rewriting the patern directions myself, and modifying the pattern to be easier to sew and make (and to be modest and warmer), and spending an hour in the fabric store with B picking out the fabric, and another hour curling her hair (which is like her grandmother's and wont stay curled), she was finally transformed into Mermaid B. (who is a BLUE mermaid. She was adamant)

We started out by going to a Trunk-or-treat. I think this is the first year that the concept of going up to people and asking for candy actually sunk in! She was in awe that people were so willing! "MOM! They gave me CANDY! This is so 'citing (exciting)!  Can we  do this again tomorrow?"

And we did! We dont really know anyone that lives around us, though, so we didnt want to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Instead we went to the area where most of the ward is (a subdivision) and went trick-or-treating there.