Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yay for trips that involve weddings!

the getaway vehicle.

The GORGEOUS cake... lol

Then, as I promised B we'd go to the temple (by far her favorite place) and we didn't get around to it, we decided to go the day after the wedding.

We were here over a year ago, and B tripped and TOTALLY biffed it. Bit into her lips, scraped her cheeks, got her eye, and bloodied up her nose. Bad enough that when the temple staff found out about it, they had to call the paramedics for legal reasons. B STILL remembers that experience. That is why this is HER temple. And we came back to this temple a few months after that to find them smoothing down the sidewalk. we just laughed 'cause we knew why.  And now... the sidewalks are all new in that side of the temple.


  1. It's wonderful that your little girl enjoys the temple so much. You're a good mom. My kids love temple square in SLC as well. There's such an amazing spirit there.

  2. Nice cake! You did good. What size pans did you use? I need to take Trin to the temple. It has been long enough she doesn't remember going.

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  4. Haha, Jaimie's good. Whenever I go back to my home ward where I grew up I have the hardest time calling people by their first names now because I got so used to 'sister so and so' :) What's funny is that you and I are only a year apart.

  5.'re in serious in trouble! What's all this about a trip to Utah? I don't recall seeing you here. Next time you better let me know!