Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Weddings: Geoff and Emily

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a wedding a week ago as a guest. When you're a wedding planner, that doesn't happen very often! However, when I arrived, the couple helped me feel right at home and put me to work. I had a blast, and the company wasn't too bad, either. ;c) 

Meet Emily. She's such a sweetheart! And SO pretty! 

This is her in her Birdcage Veil that her sister, Mallory made. What skill! It is made from Tulle, dollar-store flower petals, and an embellishment. 

A very simple ceremony. Intimate. Special. Just close family and friends.

The part everyone waits for:

You may now kiss the bride.

Mr. and Mrs.


I happen to know that these cupcakes were decorated with nothing more than store-bought icing and a Ziploc bag.  Simple, personal, yet spunky.

And isn't he just the cutest? 

He just loved these petals. The rest of us thought they were kind of a nuisance once we all started socializing (they were cute for the ceremony, though) because they'd stick to our feet with static cling. 

See that sandal in the top right corner? That's me. Tee hee. 

Here's to Geoff and Emily. What a beautiful day. 

P.S. These aren't my pictures. I put my logo on them for the sake of the couple. Emily's sister Mallory (the same one who made the veil) was the photographer, and she gave me permission to share them with you. Aren't her pictures great?

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