Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/19/10 - "Some Day"

Dear AJ,
I sit here looking at a project I told you I'd eventually get to, "some day."  That was 2 years ago. It's still not done. There are so many "some days!" Some day we'll have our basement finished and you can have a play room. Some day I'll cook healthier. Some day we'll go to the park, kick the soccer ball you keep asking about, play Frisbee. Some day, we'll really start living like I want to live. Some of the some days I can't control. Like some day we'll have enough money or some day you'll be tall enough to wear that sweater in the top of your closet that's still too big. But I'm sorry for all of the some days I can control that I have let slip through the cracks. Even though I cant find everything to finish this project, I'll make it work. I'll find a way. Because sometimes some day needs to be today.

Love, Mom

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/18/10 - Why

Dear AJ
I wanted to blog because I've missed so many silly little memories I wish I could treasure forever. The silly things you say to me are lost because I forget them before I write them down. The list of things I wish I could say to you is growing. And sometimes you just dont want to listen. So, I'm writing them down, now. In hopes that they wont be forgotten, and that some day, you'll understand. 

It's been a hard year for us, but we've made it this far! And I know, with your spirit and strength, "kid, you'll move mountains." I've seen you grow so much this past year! You're learning how to spell, your numbers, and a lot of hard lessons about life, love, and agency. I'm impressed by how well you take it, and look forward to seeing your strengths become stronger!

You are my inspiration.
Love, Mom