Friday, July 23, 2010

I think I've Gone Crazy.

At least that's what I keep telling myself. I have been busy all summer. At times it's chaotic, but mostly it's the right amount of chaos.  And now I've added more to my pallet. I am very much into going with gut instinct and have honed that instinct well enough that it rarely leads me astray. And that instinct said I needed to be doing this, too. So, I now have the following on my pallet:

  • Keep up this blog, write more frequently with a more in-depth look. And include PICTURES.
  • Follow my dreams and start a fun at-home craft business. Actually make a little moolah doing it. 
  • Raise my fabulously inspired daughter (I'm her mom, I can say that) to be the woman she can be.
  • Embrace life.
  • Study the 1200 page book I promised myself I'd be done with by the end of the year (I'm on page 128 and it's July).
  • Train for the marathon relay my friend signed me up for. (I don't think I can run 1/2 a mile in my current state, but I dream of running longingly. Just cant find the time to do it!)
  • Finish writing the 2 books I'm currently writing and start and complete the third one I really want to write.
  • Go back to school and study Psychology (random, I know, but it makes sense to me...)
  • Fix up my house. For now, we'll call it vintage... really, it's old, but vintage sounds better.
  • Actually finish the cakes for Threadcakes.
  • Fulfill my role in all the upcoming events I'm a part of (cakes, wedding planning, festivals). 

And now this:

  • Work for and with my friend. Become an employee instead of self-employed.  
See why I feel crazy? With all that I'm doing, or at least WANT to do, why add to it? Honestly, I'm scared. And this is nothing. It's just working with a friend! What's the big deal? 

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