Friday, October 29, 2010

A Quick Update

I'm not going to spent too much time catching up on the summer, but I will just add a few pics and a few updates. Okay, so there's more than a few pics and a few updates. But lets get started...

Back in May (yes, May) we had an awesome opportunity to go to Disneyland. For the cost of FOOD. Seriously. I owe my best friends for the trip, it was amazing, and so much fun. A once in a lifetime opportunity.


 While we were there, we saw the fairies

They "shrunk us down to fairy-size" so we could visit Pixie Hollow.

We went on an adventure on a boat ride and saw lots of "wildlife"... 

And some pretty cool scenery...

We visited Goofy's house...

 And Princesses...

And Minnie's house...

And Mickey's studio.

We also met Pooh and his friends.

 And visited California Adventures.

 Where we got the scoop on the new Disney movie coming out soon...

And we got to ride on King Triton's carousel. 

And get lost in some Jellyfish. B was barely tall enough for this ride and thought it was fun.

We even got to see a cool display of fireworks, both on Disneyland turf and off. This is a picture from our suite.

 Yeah, suite. Not just some dinkey hotel room, but a whole sweet, with a kitchen and 2 bedrooms and everything.

And of course, a pool (it's California, there's always a pool!)

But we did more than Disneyland. We also visited the beach

Where we built the customary sandcastles. (B's is in the back)

And a little, yet perfectly sized zoo for B's age, where we got up close and personal to this fella (This picture's not zoomed. It's taken on my cell phone). 

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