Monday, October 25, 2010


 I'm changing his name on the blog. He didnt really ask me to, but I think he'd be more comfortable if I did. I get that vibe. Sorta reminds me of The Pioneer Woman calling her husband "Marlboro Man." (And I actually notice lots of similarities to our stories. But I'm probably just wanting to see the similarities).

 Anyway, I've been trying to come up with one all day. I have a problem with nicknames, see. I mean, I call my girl  shortened versions of her name, but it's still part of her identity. I had someone tell me once that a name was an identity, and by calling someone by a nickname, you were avoiding that identity, reshaping it a bit, and expressing what you really thought of that person. That stuck with me. Made me stop and think about the nicknames that we give. For me, control and identity are both a big deal. I could go on and on about individuality, control, respect, and lots of other things that I deem healthy in a relationship, why I think they're healthy, and to what extent. So if giving something a name gives it that identity, I only want nicknames that build my identity. So names like "honey" and "baby" are not big on my list. Especially not baby. I don't have a problem with OTHER people using them, I just don't like them myself. If you're gonna refer to me as something besides my name, you'd better find something that esteems me instead of demeans me. So coming up with something to call him on my blog is a big deal to me. A challenge. So, like any computer-literate, modern woman, I Googled it: typed in words that described him, and saw what came up. The results: The Lone Ranger. He's a gentleman, he takes care of others, is really big on respect, he has a good sense of moral character, and he's sort of "old fashioned." In a good way of course. I mean he's got those old-fashioned core values that seem to be lost in so many of my generation, probably including me. His truck is white, too. I mean, it's not a horse, but it's close, right? I think, though, instead of calling him "The Lone Ranger" every time, I'll just call him "Ranger." Rangers are people who watch over and protect. It still implies that moral compass. So from here on out, I think I'll call him The Ranger. Assuming he approves, of course.

PS, for those who are wondering, if Ranger (;cP) calls me anything besides my name, it's "wonderful" or "lovely lady" or "beautiful."


  1. Those are the best names to be called anyway for us women. Beautiful describes the look that we have inside and out. I like what you have decided to call him. It fits.

  2. Thanks, Tammy. And I agree with you!