Monday, November 15, 2010

Air Force Veterans: Gratitude Challenge 11th

Did I mention I'm an Air Force Brat? Well, kinda. I rarely lived on base, and we didn't have to move so much, but I still got the taste of it. We still moved more than the average kids, and I added it up once, my dad was gone for 8 years out of the 17 I lived at home. But even though it's been years since I've been home, I'm still just as proud of the title.

Being an Air Force Brat means I'm pretty stubborn and independent, but know when I've gone too far. It means I still believe in respect, both toward my country, my "elders," and my peers. It means I know what the flag stands for, I stand for the Anthem, and I say the pledge. It means I know the meaning of sacrifice. It means I'm proud of the work that our troops are doing overseas and have seen the effects on both US soldiers and those lives they touch. It means I have lived through some pretty tough and scary times. And it means I'm happier than ever that my dad made the choice he did.

He's my hero. 
In more ways than one. 

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