Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bandwagons and the Gratitude Challenge

It seems that every year around this time people take the "Gratitude Challenge" in order to remind themselves of how blessed they are. The framework is all the same: write something you're thankful for and why every day. Some end at Thanksgiving, some go until December 1st. Some keep it up until Christmas. Some write lots, and some write little. Some post it on Facebook, some on blogs, some don't share with anyone.

Now, I'm usually one to avoid doing something that everyone else is doing. Seriously, ask my poor mother. I think she'd worry every time someone told me to do the right thing because I was a rebel, and that often gave me the excuse to do the opposite. She learned quickly not to tell me what to do. And I'm sooo glad she did, because I worry about who I would have become, had she not. That whole "everyone else is doing it" worked backwards for me, and she knew it. She never had to give me that standard line of "if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?" Because I would have said "well that was stupid, why would someone jump off a cliff just because everyone else did?" And when teachers or leaders would tell the class to do something I was already doing, it would really frustrate me! Like, "Dang it! Now I will be doing what everyone else is doing! Now people will think I'm doing this just because I was told, and not because I wanted to."

However, things are different this year. I feel a little selfish, greedy and, well... ungrateful. Life is really going so well, and yet I still find things to complain about. I had such a hard 2 years and am proud of the way I got through it, but now that things are going really well, relatively speaking, I feel so weak and pathetic and lazy! I don't think I am who I could be, and I feel like it's time for me to grow, and not stay stagnant like I have been. What worked for me during the past two years isn't enough anymore. It's time for me to break out of survival mode and take that much bigger of a leap. So in an effort to improve myself, get over bad habits, and generally be a better person, I will join this year's bandwagon of "Gratitude Challengers" and find something each day to be grateful for. 

So, ready, set, here I go...

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  1. I should jump on too but I never feel like I can exspress the things I wan to so then it sounds insinsear.