Monday, November 15, 2010

Freedom of Thought: Gratitude Challenge 13th

Had work on Saturday. Not such a fun day. But I was already grateful for 3 weeks, and it kinda seemed... ungrateful to be grateful it's down to two. And we're going for positive, here, right? So, on the positive side, I'm grateful for the right I have to hate my job. I'm grateful that I at least have the opportunity to quit.

And further more, I'm grateful that the reason that I hate my job is a right I have, too. I have a right to think for myself. What a  wonderful blessing! To be able to make choices, to do things the way I want to (even though I don't have that right at work, I'm grateful to know the difference). I am grateful that I know that I have worth and that I should be treated with respect. I think of so many countries and careers that don't get that right. And I am grateful to know that  I do. I'm grateful that I have options. If something isn't working, I can change it.

Now... Just to survive 2 more weeks.

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