Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Close" Games: Gratitude Challenge 19th

What  if everything was blue and orange? What if even the grass was blue? And if everyone's dressed in blue and orange, even orange boxers (yeah, I saw those, too. Not from anyone I know, mind you. Drunk people are a bit candid with their... information). What if everyone is excited and bubbly and talkative and friendly, and willing to wait around in 36 degree weather... and still thinks it's fun. And some of those people are a little drunk, and think anything's fun.

So what if...?

Well, you must have been at the BSU game with us! Boise State vs Fresno State. 51 to ZERO.


Seriously. As many of my friends went to BSU, I've heard over and over that they need to be in a higher league, but I didn't pay much attention until I saw it for myself on Friday! I sat behind the North goal post, and for the first quarter, I thought I was in for a long night and that football must be better on TV. I had NO clue what was going on. And then in the second quarter, I realized my mistake. The problem wasn't being AT the game, it was that Boise was so good that for the first quarter, everything was on the OTHER half of the field. And then when they rotated, we got a really great game. When it was 4th quarter, we all sat back, knowing full well we'd seen all the action we were going to be able to see for the rest of the game. Bronco touchdown turf was on the other end of the field. We'd be able to get cozy and warm in our seats. And with a score like 51-0, it's no surprise we felt that way.

 It was a great game. Cold, but well worth it! And those that know me would be less than surprised that I was the idiot out there in sandals. People kept giving me a hard time, and I just took it. They didn't believe I'd still have toes by the end of the night. Well I'm happy to report, I still have all 10 toes and they work just fine. One of the guys in front of us thought I was faking the fact that my toes were just fine, so he dropped his beer bottle cap and dared me to pick it up. With my toes. And I did. I mean, sure it was cold, but I was just fine. I sit on my feet anyway, and so they were nice and cozy all night. And my ears were under a hat. And my hands were in gloves. Believe me, I've been much colder for much less.  I might not get to go to another game for a very long time, and never thought I'd actually have the opportunity, anyway, so to me it was surreal. And worth a little bit of "Idaho weather."

At the very end of the game, the jolly guy sitting behind us clapped his hands and said, "close game, close game. Wasn't sure who'd win there for a while." And we all just chuckled. Yup, close game.

Had to throw this picture in for my talented sister. And for the record, I think she did much better. But I may just be a little biased.

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