Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gardens: Gratitude Challenge 2

I am grateful for gardens. For the sense of accomplishment I feel while it's growing. I am grateful for harvest, although next year I hope to actually do something with it before it all goes bad.... yeah, that didn't happen this year. But I'm still grateful for the chance I had to grow a garden. And how excited I was at every carrot and every jar of green beans. Even if we didnt get to enjoy them because I didnt get around to it fast enough.

But I knew when I planted the garden that this would be a busy year and that I probably wouldn't  have time for the harvest. That's not why I grew it. I mean it would have been nice to harvest everything and use it. That is what most people grow a garden for. I grow a garden because it makes me feel self reliant and strong and able to take care of myself. Because it's fun. Even if I dont have time for it.

Next year, I'll do much better. I'll actually harvest AND take care of the produce I get from my garden. And maybe I'll even find the time to plant it on time instead of in June.

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  1. I know how you feel! I get the same satisfaction from gardening, now matter how pathetic ours is. . .oh well.