Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's an Orca

I was asked if I could make an Orca piñata recently. I knew it'd be challenging but I jumped at the chance. I think it turned out pretty cute. Here's the shape:

I make it with a wire frame and then paper mache over the top of it. As you can see, it still looks kinda boxy and blah, but I've learned that doesn't matter. 

Starting to get some details. I learned from this endeavor that covering it with black first is completely a waste of my time, however for a white coat it probably would have been smart. Notice my kitchen getting messier and messier. Hence why the finished product pics are taken elsewhere: 

The girl has brown eyes, so I made the Orca with brown eyes. 

And I loved them, until I glued them on (you know, so they weren't gonna move no matter how much I needed them to) and realized the eyelashes went the wrong direction.  Oh well. I still think it's way cute. And I'm sure I'm the only one that noticed the eyes.


  1. You are talented!
    ...Patricia E

  2. What a great job. You go girl :) WOW!

  3. WE LOVED IT! Trin Was so excited to have it. Ivan just asked for it all day, I think he wanted to snuggle it.
    It was a shame breaking it open, and so well made it took those 6 year olds some whacks to do it!
    Thank you thank you thank you.