Monday, November 15, 2010

Libraries: Gratitude Challenge 12th

Do you ever have that sinking feeling that maybe you should have rethought the last 10 seconds before you closed the door? Or get half way to your destination and then realize your pockets are a little too empty? That you are missing an important something-or-other?

Yes, I locked myself out earlier this week. It happens quite regularly, actually. I have a knack for locking myself out. I think I've done it 6 times in the past year. I keep remembering "that other time" and the tally keeps growing. One time I locked myself out and had to walk to church (which wasn't so close) and the whole men's group had their lesson on "How to break into Keira's house" I'm hoping it was at least an entertaining one. And then there was the time I left my spare keys at my friends house in case anyone needed anything while I was on vacation (because I wouldn't put it past myself to forget to have done something before I left) and then she had to drop everything because I was locked out and had to be to work PRONTO. And then when I left my keys with her again, in case the same thing happened. And it did. And then the times I had my spare keys locked in my garage in a padlocked case so I could get to them but no one else could (there are 2 of those times), and then this time. When I had Ranger get the Halloween candy ready because I forgot to get it out, and so he had the spare keys and  I just kept forgetting to get them back from him. The problem is, he works every day until about 6. And I was getting B from school at 3 when I discovered their absence.

What do we do for 3 hours? In the cold almost-winter? Well, go to the library, of course!

I've been too busy to go to the library for a while. Add to that the huge fine I have had on my card for quite some time (did I mention I'm forgetful? I shouldn't be responsible for remembering library books), and that makes it even less likely we'll go. But I had 3 hours to kill and it was a great opportunity to spend time with B.  So, with all other endeavors put on hold (some of them important), B and I read books. And more books. And B got to play on the library computers. And we read MORE books. And all in all, it was a nice break. And a nice place to stay warm. For 3 hours.

Ranger asked if I wanted my spare keys back. I said maybe he'd better hold onto them, so that if this happens again, I can get in.

I say "if," but I mean "when." 

Lets face it, with me, it's almost a guarantee. 


  1. Next time call me, I'll come get you and you can visit with me!

  2. I had an apartment that I used to always lock my keys in. Would changing the lock or the door knob be helpful? It helps if you have to lock the door with your key from the outside. I've learned that the hard way. (I'm sure this has been mentioned to you many times. lol) :)