Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Morals: Gratitude Challenge, part 1

What a funny thing to be thankful for. But I am. I'm grateful for morals. For an inner sense of right and wrong. For the way I was raised. My mother always expresses that shes feels she didn't do enough for us kids. She blames our teachers for how we all turned out. And yet, even though I can't convince her, I know the truth. I know how much she really did for me. She instilled in me a desire to be good, to do good, to want good things. And I've really been thinking of that lately. How easy it would be to do the wrong thing. To mess up. To disappoint my mother and those around me. How easy it would be to give up the rewards of being good to just be bad for a little while. But it wouldn't be worth it, as easy as it is.

Another reason I have been thinking of morals has to do with Halloween. I went shopping for a Halloween costume recently and had trouble finding one that was modest. They were all too tight or too short or too low. The one I got wasn't modest either. I had to modify it quite a bit. I had to wear leggings and a skirt and a shirt underneath. And I was still worried that it was too suggestive. It's such a shame to pay so much for a costume I have to modify. But the rest were worse! It saddens me that the world has such low morals! And just think how much more confident a girl feels when she knows she's not putting herself in a bad situation.

I'm also grateful to be dating a man with morals. Who wants to make good choices and wants the best for me. I'm grateful that I can talk to him about what we see as right or wrong and discuss why we feel that way. I'm grateful that we are both determined to make good choices and the opportunities that are before us because of those choices. I'm grateful for a moral compass that keeps me good.

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