Monday, November 22, 2010

Repentance and Clean Babies: Gratitude Challenge 21st

While we were in Boise this weekend we spent some time with my family. It was great... sort of. I learned that I'm not so impressed with some of my siblings' choices. But they're not me. They have their own choices and lifestyles and I need to just love them anyway. So, I spent a lot of time thinking. I love my family. I want what's best for them. I don't want them to get hurt or be stuck in bad situations. Especially because I know how it feels to hurt and be in bad situations. I was really worried for them. For where their lives will take them.

And then I got to hold a little baby for one of my mom's friends. So fresh and innocent. So simple. And he even smelled good! And as I held this little guy, I wondered what his life would be like and what he'd get to experience. I wondered what he'd see and do with his life. And how I wished some people could just stay in that clean, innocent state forever. As I kept thinking, I realized, we all have a chance to go back to that. Except when we go back, we'll be a lot wiser and a lot more prepared than this little baby is now. And even if my siblings aren't ready to make those choices right now, some day, they may be. And I'm grateful that they'll have the choice to change their life. I can't protect them from the consequences of their choices, but I can love them anyway.

And I will love them anyway. 

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