Monday, November 22, 2010

Salesmen that are Good at Their Jobs: Gratitude Challenge 20th

For most of my life, I've hated salesmen. Or at least I've hated the good ones. I'd say its nothing personal, but the truth is, it is. I hate feeling manipulated or pressured. HATE that feeling. I swore I'd never be a salesman because I cant stand the pressure of walking the fine line between encouraging a sale, and manipulating people into a sale. Even if the product's great. And I've had experience in sales. They give you this magic formula to say to potential clients/customers. And it always frustrated me. I don't want to sell a product because someone else says it's good. I want to sell the product because I know it's good. And if I don't know if it's good or not, then aren't I lying to them to convince them to buy such a "great" product? This feeling grew stronger once my ex left with his girlfriend, because I looked back and saw just how good of a salesman he was. How many things he got me to do that I wasn't comfortable with. And that made my resolve to hate salesmen and manipulators all the more. I learned their tricks in order to turn it back on them. I can tell when I'm being persuaded. I can tell when someone's being fake or pressuring. I'm not saying all salesmen are bad. Or that all salesmen manipulate. But I have never been comfortable with that line between encouragement and manipulation. It's too thin for my tastes.

Saturday, however, I learned what a good salesman was like. I spent about 4 hours talking to a salesman, and I feel more edified for it. And I didn't even buy his product. He had values. He had insights as to what I even wanted, and those insights rang true to me. He was good at reading my expressions and my thoughts without using them against me. He knew his facts and gave me full disclosure. He educated me about the products I was looking at. So much so that when I met up with Ranger later that afternoon and told him how impressed I was, Ranger wanted to meet him too. So we spend MORE time talking to the salesman. And still didn't come out with any purchases, but we both feel wiser about any decision we would make in the future.

I wish all salesmen were like that.

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