Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Days: Gratitude Challenge 17th

Some days all you can be grateful for is that they're over. It wasnt necessarily a BAD day, it just was gray and mopey and I got nothing done and I wasnt in a good mood. And the weather really affects my mood. When it's mopey, I am mopey. Sunshine does WONDERS for me.

I asked my mother what I should say I'm grateful for for this day, and she says, sometimes all you can be grateful for is that you got out of bed, survived the day, and then it was over. And that's okay. She reminded me that sometimes we need days like that to remember what a good day is, and that it reminds us to be grateful for the fact that we're alive. She said sometimes that's enough.

The problem is, the day could have been wonderful! And when I really look back, it was a good day, it was all just my attitude. I just wanted to stay home and be a bum. And I was doing a good job of it, too! And Ranger KNEW that's what I was looking forward to. And then he went and made plans! Dang him! ;c) His friends decided to elope, and he was the witness. So he said I was coming along. Well it was time to get a reality check FAST since I was NOT going to ruin some one's wedding. Especially because I was one of 3 other guests. And one of them was the officiator's husband.

But wedding aside, I still wished I could be home and be lazy. However, I think from what I know of Ranger, that will rarely happen. He's the type that when he finds out someone needs something, our plans will change, and we'll be going to help. We've already done it twice. On 2 of the 4 dates we actually planned. And so, no matter how much I want what I want, I think I'll have to get used to the idea of sudden detours.

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