Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teachers: Gratitude Challenge 15th

My daughter is stubborn. My mother likes to point out that she gets this from me on a regular basis. In all honestly, we're so much alike it's scary. I'm hoping to use that to my advantage when she's a teen because I will be able to relate to where she's coming from. Otherwise, we'll be in BIG trouble, because we will NEVER get along. 

One of the things B is stubborn about (and I was, too) is that moms know nothing and teachers know everything. I've just resigned myself to that truth because my mom keeps reminding me she knows how I feel and that gets old. Just kidding, Mom, I love you...

My mom likes to tell this story about when I was younger, she decided to test the magnitude of this "awesome and unknown power" of teachers. She called the teacher up and asked her to tell me to come home and clean my room. The teacher laughed and thought she was joking. Mom politely informed her she wasn't, and just wait and see what happened. So, my teacher (who was probably laughing to herself) came up to me while we were doing a project of some sort and told me it was important to keep our rooms clean so that we could be safe and have fun. Any guesses what happened that night? I came home and cleaned my room. 

Well, B is the same way. She had NO desire to learn the alphabet or how to read or anything. But now TEACHER says it's important, so she's excelling. She started school 2 months ago knowing very few letters and couldn't even spell her name (the first letter was enough for her). Now she writes her name on everything, knows all the letters and can put them in alphabetical order. She can read and even write. She knows how to spell "I," "see," and "my." Now, I know, this is no grand achievement. Some day, she'll be reading paragraphs. And chapters. And novels. But right now, that doesn't matter. My little girl can read. 

While I was working on a pinata for a friend (pics to come) B was coloring a picture for me. When I was cleaning up, I looked at the picture, and sure enough, there is every word (minus her name) that she knows how to spell. And yeah, the "S" is a little goofy, but hey, I can understand it. She's learning how to spell colors right now, too. Pink and Red and Blue. She can recognize yellow and green, but that's just because she looks for the y and g. At any rate, I'm so proud!

It's a mom thing. 


  1. My mom used to tell me, "Stubborn is good if you use it in the right way." I belived it then but the older I get the more true it is!