Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving: Gratitude Challenge 25th

Is it twisted to be grateful for the chance to be grateful? I've really needed an excuse to look for something to be grateful for. I'm so blessed and I really have taken advantage of so many blessings! And I've needed something to change my mood. I dont think I'm "all cured" yet, in fact, I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm ready to end the challenge. Mostly because I'm running out of things to say. Not things to be grateful for, but things to say. Its time to move on to the next task on this blog.

Thanksgiving was great. I spent it with Ranger's family. First we ate with Ranger's grandparents and extended family on Ranger's Dad's side, then we went and picked up Ranger's mom and had Thanksgiving with Ranger's immediate family (mom, dad, and brother+sister-in-law, as well as her parents and siblings). I LOVE his family. Is that unusual? I've already  raved about his dad, but he deserves it. What a man! And Ranger's mom is pretty great, too. She wants the best for her son, even if she's not quite sure how to show it. And as far as Ranger's brother's concerned, well he lives a different lifestyle than I do, but he's cool with that, so I am, too. He's easy-going, he's easy to get along with, and he is cool with the fact that I'm dating his brother, so I guess that's that, hu? At any rate, it's much easier to get along with them than I expected. But that's how this whole relationship's been: easier than I expected. 

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