Thursday, December 2, 2010

Questions: Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

Well, no, but I enjoy how it brings people closer together. I enjoy that everyone's a little more united and willing and giving. But my favorite holiday is Independence Day. First of all, because I love red and blue (Yeah, totally a girl for picking the holiday with my favorite color. Sounds like cheating). But it's true! I like the pride that red and blue bring. I love the boldness of the colors, especially together. I also enjoy all the good food. I mean, there's good food at Christmas, and it's all sugary sweet or smoked, but there's something about the light airiness of summertime food. It makes you feel good and full of energy and not sluggish like can happen with Christmas food. Christmas food is more for hibernating in the winter. July food is more for going out and adventuring. 

I also like the 4th of July because of all the memories. We used to go watch fireworks as a kid, and I used to like sitting down next to my dad. He could tell me exactly how everything worked, and I found that FASCINATING. Like how many people it took to light off one firework, or why they showed up in such n such pattern, or what made each color. He just knows that sort of stuff. 

To me, July and Christmas are 2 of the most important family times. Both bring people closer together. But you gotta admit, July's a LOT warmer. 

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