Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Questions: What is your favorite Christmas song?

How on earth can I pick just one song? There are so many good Christmas songs and so many moods. But I was able to narrow it down to these three. And I refuse to narrow it down any more than that...

1. Secret of Christmas

Disregard the pictures. Listen to the song. The video streaming through MY head for this song is a bunch of elementary school kids surrounding me while we all sing this song for our parents. But OBVIOUSLY I'm not going to find any footage I can put on the blog for THAT, and nothing else is going to compare.

I sang this song every year in elementary school. It was a tradition. And I think that has a lot to do with why it is one of the top 3. Problem is, it's virtually unknown, so there's not many ways to share it with others.
Look at the happy people.
Christmas is in the air.
I know the secret of Christmas,
A secret I'm willing to share.

It's not the glow you feel, when snow appears.
It's not the Christmas card, you've sent for years.
Not the joyful sound, when sleigh bells ring.
Or the merry songs, children sing.

The little gift you send, on Christmas day
Will not bring back the friend, you turned away.
So may I suggest, the secret of Christmas:
It's not the things you do at Christmas time,
But the Christmas things you do all year through.
 2. Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song).

 How could you NOT love Breath of Heaven? I think it is one of EVERYONE's favorites. At least at one time or another. It has a way of putting into words what you cant seem to express otherwise, and really makes you think of all Mary had to go through.

I have traveled many moonless night.
Cold and weary, with a babe inside.
And I wonder what I've done.
Holy Father, You have come
And chosen me now
To carry Your Son.

I am waiting in a silent prayer.
I am frightened by the load I bear.
In a world as cold as stone,
Must I walk this path alone?
Be with me now
Be with me now

Breath of heaven
Hold me together.
Be forever near me.
Breath of heaven
Breath of heaven
Light up my darkness,
Pour over me your holiness,
For You are holy.

Breath of heaven

Do you wonder, as You watch my face,
If a wiser one one should have had my place?
But I offer all I am
For the mercy of Your plan.
Help me be strong
Help me be
Help me

3. Carol of the Bells.

I've always been in awe of the Carol of the Bells. There's something oddly mesmerizing by all the different parts and vocal ranges in this song. I love how the song is not complete without all the individual pieces.


  1. Here I am leaveing my opion to all your questions when it occured to me. Maybe these are retorical questions. Ha.

  2. No, no! Keep answering! I like the opinions.

  3. Well in that case. I have to devid in to two catagorys which I call, Religus Crhistmas and Winter Christmas. And the tops are Silent Night and I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas tied with I'll be home for Christmas.

  4. You picked two of my favorites! I love Breath of Heaven and Carol of the Bells. Those have always been my 2 favorites. For a third I would have to say Hark the Herald Angels Sing.