Thursday, December 2, 2010

Questions: What's on your Christmas list?

"World Peace."
"World Peace."
"Harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan..... And.... World Peace."

Ten points if you know that movie! I don't know what you'll redeem them for, but you can have the points anyway....

But seriously. My Christmas list this year:
  1. That B will know how much I love her.
  2. That I can feel organized and in control.
  3. That I can meet my own expectations.
  4. A ring. ... I can hope, right? (Actually, I sorta want this one before Christmas... We'll see.)
  5. Organization and control. 
  6. Acceptance to go back to college (gotta finish filling out the paperwork, first).
  7. Enough. Of whatever I need. Just Enough.
  8. Clean laundry.
  9. The strength I need for whatever's in my future.
  10. Understanding. I used to be good at understanding others. I've sort of lost that. I want to get it back.
  11. A ring. 
  12. Patience to wait until HE gives me the ring, instead of Me pestering him into it (probably better get this one early, too).
  13. For my friends to know how much they mean to me.
  14. Organization and control.
  15. TIME! (can I please, please get this one for Christmas! I'd give the rest back... well maybe not the ring. But everything else).
  16. An Ensign subscription (mine expired, and I just haven't  gotten around to it). 
  17. Letters. That would be the best gift (well, besides time). Just letters of what people thought of me. Some good, esteem boosting, look-back-on -during-bad-days letters. Well, assuming people think well of me, and that they'd  be esteem-boosting. I might not want them if you secretly think I'm evil (It could happen, right? :cP). ... At any rate, at least I'd know what you thought of me. :c)
  18. Cutesy stuff for my house.
  19. A perm. I don't like my hair right now. 
  20. Knowledge. I could always use more knowledge.
Now don't think I'm soliciting anything [unless you know how to get me some more Time (not to be confused with thyme,  because I think that stuff's nasty. Don't know why. I always taste mold whenever I taste it. Musta had some  bad thyme somewhere), and then I'll gladly take that! Oh, and the ring. But no one else get me that. It'd just be confusing. And what would Ranger think (he doesn't read this blog. Maybe he should)?], I am just following the prompt. How about everyone else. What's on YOUR Christmas list?


  1. Every home needs the ensign and every little girl needs the friend. Both will be coming to your home starting in January.

  2. You make me laugh, Keira. I hope all your Christmas wishes are fulfilled!

  3. I love this list I will have to think of some things just as good to put on mine.

    (Miss Congenyalaty.)

  4. I hope you get all that you want for Christmas! (Especially the ring!) Yay!

  5. Thanks, Anonymous. I wasn't looking for handouts, but I do miss the ensign.

    And "MAK," you're right. My quote was from Miss Congeniality.

    And thanks everyone! :c)

  6. Keira, you are awesome, I don't tell you often enough, but I admire you. Wish I were closer so we could see you more. Just remember we love you and B!!!

  7. Maybe if he would read the blog a ring would appear. Do I need to drop hints to him? LOL