Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I got for Christmas:

Sorry I haven't posted. And most of you are antsy to see how Christmas went and what's the story behind all the big news. 

Well, the problem is I have so much to say it and no time to do it. Nor is it easy to express how AMAZING things are for me right now. 

So to start off, I'll talk about Christmas... Because we wont get a Christmas alone for quite some time, Ranger and I had our own little gift exchange before Christmas. Mostly, because I'm impatient, if I'm being honest. I wanted to give him what I had made him ( I don't have pics right now. I'll get them... But since I made it, I was DYING to give it to him) AND because I wanted to know what he gave ME for Christmas.

So, what did he give me?
A cute little wrapped box full of...

Fake rings.

And although I'm secretly thinking that although I sorta said I wanted a ring for Christmas, I was really just joking, because Christmas proposals are kind of corny, I couldn't help but hope.

Nope. All fake.

 Seriously, what kind of man that knows his girlfriend is anxiously awaiting a REAL ring would go ahead and give her FAKE rings for Christmas? Well, Ranger would, I guess.  Maybe I should tell him I'm not good at jokes... ;c)

(The real gift was the glass container. It has grapes and matches my front room pretty well.)

And then he gives me ANOTHER box, and I'm thinking, hmm, this box is much littler, and about the right size. And I don't care about Christmas being corny... mostly...

So I open this one and inside is...

Pearl earrings. MAN! This guy's MEAN! 

They are lovely, I admit.
I just don't like to be teased...

Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy about the earrings, and the glass jar (mostly because it came from him). And I'm glad he didn't take the corny route and give me a ring on Christmas Eve, even if I did ask for a ring for Christmas (and like I said earlier, even though I asked for it, I didn't want it as my ACTUAL present. It's TOTALLY uncreative). I like how Ranger does things his own way while still doing exactly what I want (even if it's not what I say :cP)  

So I asked him when the real ring was coming and he said 
"I just gave you about a hundred rings, and you still want ANOTHER one?"
What a tease.
I don't know if I like this side of him... ;c)

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