Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My New Home Planner

2 little known facts about me:

  1. I love to research. Just about anything. My Sister-in-law kind of likes it because she has someone to talk to about what's going on in her life. I kind of like it because I can talk about what's going on in her life, too. Plus I like researching things. And her life is interesting.
  2. I love making lists. I like to tell myself I'm organizing, but truth be told, I'm really just DREAMING of organizing!
  3. NO wait! There's 3 facts! I can finally tie my hair in a knot! This is good news! Now I dont have to stop what I'm doing to go get something to get my hair out of my face! ... Dang. Just came undone. Maybe next time it'll really work...

Anyway, back to the lists and researching, I have been wishing I could find a planner recently that could cover all of my disorganized-yet-dreaming-of-organization needs. And I've been looking. And looking. And looking some more. I tapped out all my resources on research, Google, more Google, and Pinterest. And I got nothin. I was highly disappointed. Never do my sources fail me so! I'm thinking it's just because no one has the exact same needs as I do. So, I made my own. I wanted something like the household notebook/binder/organizer thingy I had seen in my research, while still being flexible and customizable for my many, many lists.

This is what I came up with:

Jan 2012 0182

To solve the problem of "What do I even WANT for Christmas?" and "What do I get everyone for Christmas?" I put them in envelopes in hopes it takes a while before anyone notices what it is. And because the lists are removable, when it's actually time to christmas shop. 


I've got a weekly schedule with menus, blog ideas, things I need to clean, and weekly to do's. All the little squares are other goals I have for myself, that I can just check off! Like pampering myself, exercising, etc. I scanned it into my computer and printed off each page (this is the original, so it's not really complete yet.)

Jan 2012 021

As part of one of my goals, I need to know how much of what we eat each month, so I can get an idea of what we would need for a 3-month supply. It'll also help me know what seeds to buy to grow what we eat. It's a trial thing. We'll see how it goes.

Am I missing anything? Do any of you have household binders? What do you think? What type of pages do you have in yours? I thought about adding a cleaning page. Thoughts? I'd love some feedback. 


  1. I created a household binder last year and love it. My favorite part is sections for each of my crazies so that I can keep track of their passwords, teachers, classes, dates, extra papers.

    The other parts of it that I love are the finance part...I keep the budget there as well as bill to be paid--cuts down on clutter on my counters.

    And the food section. I list the meals for the week and then include the recipe if needed in case Andrew is left to cook.

    Good luck, hope you enjoy yours!

    1. Good Idea Universitybabe! I decided to expand my binder (which was bound to happen) and I like the sound of your other lists. How do you arrange your section on your "crazies?" Any tips?

  2. My crazies sections each start with a transparent page protector where I can slip in random papers that I need to file at some point or reminders...
    I printed off a cover sheet for each of the kids with lists of important info. Doctors, teachers, schedules, websites for them as well as any sites they go to that require passwords. (2 of our 4 have already gotten e-mail addresses) This way I can keep track of getting into all their stuff as well as my own. Then any papers they get or calendars that I need to keep I just hole punch and stick behind the page protector. I always know where to go to find that random bit of info I know I have "somewhere."

  3. My biggest suggestion is keep it flexible. I like pockets and page protectors because they allow me to slide in little papers without having to hole punch everything. (I guess I created a section like the crazies' for my hubby and I too. I keep our home teaching and visiting teaching and stuff like that in our sections.
    Very few of the things in my binder are done super nice because the flexibility is what my family needs the most. I find if I regiment it too much or try to be to fancy dancy I quit using it to keep it looking nice. Some page protectors let me use white board markers on them too.