Saturday, February 11, 2012

Organizing Divia

Sorry I've been MIA for almost two weeks! Time goes fast in the blogosphere. I've been organizing my craft room. It REALLLLLLY needed it. I haven't done crafts FOREVER because I couldn't stand to walk into the craft room! I'm serious, you've seen the show Hoarders? Okay, I'm not THAT bad, I actually am too much of a purger to be a hoarder. But I always have to purge a LOT! I don't know where it keeps coming from. And when I was a single mom, I got behind. And then I just never got to it until now.

Let me show you what I mean...

first day of school 020

Feb 2012 011
(in my defense, this huge mess is fabric... And a stack of papers. But the fabric is taking over.

But I'm making progress. I put all my stickers away in a neat and organized-ish fashion. I'm not so sure I like how it's working, but we'll see what changes once I actually start crafting again because I can use my craft room!

Feb 2012 008

I've also been working more on my household binder. It's coming along. The problem is, I could either pay tons of money for the one I really like, Cleanmama, Or I can make it myself, which takes time. I picked the taking time. But if you don't have time, and have money instead, I HIGHLY recommend CleanMama's (Check  out her Etsy shop).

Oh yeah, and I have a life and a leadership role in the Young Women's organization at church. And I've helped at my girl's school class. And did I mention my sister's engaged? And it just so happens that her wedding-planning big sis (me) is helping her with that too? Not to mention my other clients. So, needless to say, I've been busy. But I will be posting tons of updates on all of my various life things some time this week, as soon as this darn craft room ever gets put back together...