Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big decisions

So... I'm still alive. In case you were worried.

This poor blog has been haunting me, lately. I REALLY miss blogging, but I'm not quite sure where the balance is yet. In the past few months, I've discovered a ton about myself, and some of it's still kind of raw. And some of it involves other people, and I have no right to share it publicly. I'm not quite sure what you can share in the name of semi-anonymity and still be okay. Especially when it involves family.

And then there's some big decisions I've made in the past few months. I'm not quite sure all of my "readers" will agree with the changes.

Ambiguous enough yet? ;c)

See, we've decided to home school this year. Or, to put it correctly, I have decided, my daughter jumped for joy, and my husband was patiently talked into the idea (truth be told, he has yet to actually say yes, but he has let me buy the materials and he talks like it's happening. He even corrects me when I say "IF we home school," instead of "when." We'll say it's consent by silence).

My ex said yes, and then no. The lawyer says do it anyway.

My father-in-law is now consistently telling me I'm about to ruin my child and have no right teaching, and instead I should go out and get a job. At least when he says anything about it. We actually have a "don't talk about what we don't agree on," sort of relationship. It works well for us.

My mother keeps sending me ideas she heard about hearing about. My sister's relieved I'm paving the way.

I haven't dared mention it to the teachers in the family yet. Except one, and I stuck my foot in my mouth on that occasion. She probably thinks I'm going to ruin my kid, too. But she was home schooled, so there's hope she understands. There's a rather opinionated teacher on Ranger's side of the family, and we see her all the time. I'm terrified of the day she finds out...

And both of my best friends are totally supportive and have decided to home school with me.

But deciding to have an alternate norm is kind of a big deal. Stepping outside the status-quo and finally saying "I am not okay with normal; actually I have not been okay with normal for a very long time." is kind of a big scary deal. Did I mention I grow my own food and have a year's supply of it in my basement? Yeah, I'm expecting the government on my doorstep any day now. I'll feed them a meal full of real ingredients, show them that my seven year old is in third grade math and writes in cursive, and hope that's enough to convince them I'm sane. Or at least a safe crazy.


  1. I love that we have a publice school system so all can have a chance to be educated. I'm also greatful for all those who work so hard to do there jobs in that sysetem. That being said, it's not a perfect system so good for you for reliseing that your child needs something different and good for you for doing something about it. Good Luck!

    1. MAK, I love your comment! Thank you. I LOVE the teachers. Their dedication and love is amazing. And we know some pretty awesome principals, too. The people are great. The system needs work. I'll stand up and defend teachers any chance I get!

  2. I'm excited you are homeschooling! I am homeschooling my kiddos too :-) There is something wonderful about the idea of letting the kids set their own pace in whatever subject they are interested in. Advanced in reading? Slow in math? No problem! Let me know how it goes :-) We might be coming to you for ideas when Spencer gets a little older

  3. Congrats on making your own decisions. It is hard big time to have people always questioning it. I am learning to let the results speak for themselves...The only reason so many people in our ward know my kids are home schooled is because the gossip vine runs great. I don't think they would have any clue otherwise. When you have that conversation/meal with the government don't forget to tell them that you gave their system a chance first. It is/was great but not for everyone.

  4. Excited for you....Had they had the information and helps that they have now when mine were little I definitely would have home schooled. Don't worry what others think--they are your kids and you know what is best. Love ya