Friday, August 24, 2012

Salsa season

In an effort to keep up the good blogging work (tongue in cheek), I will attempt to blog something every day.  Just to form a habit. We'll see if this magical feat is possible, won't we? I'll apologize in advance if I get too overwhelmed again.

Yesterday was an intense day for me. Salsa. Why does it seem like canning season always makes the stress levels go up? I think it has something to do with the precise timelines things have to be done in. And it doesn't help that it's usually all mass-produced. you never hear of someone canning 2 bottles of peaches. it's usually something closer to 20 pounds!

My salsa has taken 20 lbs of tomatoes so far, and I bet I have another 10 lbs, but maybe only 5. I'm hoping only 5, because I've already used 8 lbs of peppers and only have 2 lbs left. I've also whittled 4 lbs of onions out of my garden!

In case you were needing a recipe, I came across this one last year and LOVE it. I made 12 jars last year, and we went through it WAY too fast. I figured, one jar a month, that's plenty. But it's just SOOO good! I am using it again this year (doubling from last year), and still love it. My love for it is 2-fold. First of all, because you bake the tomatoes, not boil them. Seriously, that trick makes it an instant favorite. Genius! This lady should go down in history as the smartest salsa-maker ever! No more watery salsa! Even with very juicy tomatoes (which is what I am using this year).

The icing on the cake is that it uses lime juice instead of lemon. I'm not a lime-and-spicy kind of person, so I was hesitant, but it's an amazing difference. It goes from regular Joe-Shmoe salsa to yummy with a kick. In my case, a big kick. we only use about 1/2 lb of mild tomatoes, then a whole lb of the mediums, followed by a 1/2 lb of the good and fiery varieties. that doesn't sound like too much spice, since there's still more mediums, but think of how little the big-ticket peppers are. A 1/2 lb of those tiny things is actually pretty intense. My cousin came over yesterday and his eyes were watering from the first bite. My eyes have been watering all day, what do I care!?! The onions are pretty potent when they haven't chilled before you cut them. And I kept getting whiffs of peppers up my nose every time I opened the chopper.

I ended up forgetting I had a meeting in the evening, or more like forgetting that it was Thursday and not Wednesday (seriously, where did that whole day go? I swear time just vanishes when you've got to hurry to get the canning done), so I had to rush, unshowered (gross, sorry). You never realize how much canning stinks until you are no longer in the canning environment and have to smell yourself! Gag! But oh, how glorious is a shower when you're done for the day. And then you open up the bathroom door and realize it'll be weeks before that smell is out of your house. At least it's a food smell. Could be worse.

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