Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Operation Birthday Party was a success. It was last minute, free, and she still had a blast. Thank heavens! She'd already had so many birthday celebrations this year, but hadn't had any with her friends. I knew what she really needed was a huge play date. So I kept it pretty simple. Which, for me, is a BIG DEAL! We made crystal candy rings, drank lots of punch, read a few stories, and then I let the kids just use their imagination. The girls ended up going one way, the boys another, but hey, they were having fun. Except one girl. Her mom says she was probably tired. I'm thinking she was just really bored. Either way, I think she's more of a one-on-one friend, anyway, so the number of people didn't entice her.

I meant to get pictures. I forgot. Sorry. After so many posts of no pictures, people are going to stop reading!


  1. I won't stop reading! I'm one of the weirdos who don't like looking at photos and would much rather read!

  2. Sorry my kids didn't make it. I kind of forgot. I am a little spacey these days. Forgive me, I promise my mind will come back.
    T missed 2 birthdays with the arrival of this little one. Good thing kids are resilient.