Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teeth, Toes and Eyes

We've been doing all of the back to school doctor visits at our house in between canning sessions. We're happy to report that there are no cavities this time around. That's great news. We're still trying to convince this child to lose some teeth before all the rest grow in behind them, but hey, no cavities.

As far as eyes go, guess who's getting reading glasses!?! She's pretty excites, but in a coy quiet way. Aka "hey, Mom, are my glasses in yet? Will they be in soon?" it's really a mild prescription. The doc left it up to us whether to get them or not, and since she struggles to enjoy reading, we decided to take the help. She picked out a pretty cute pair, and I can't wait to see how things change when she's got them at her disposal. I had to have glasses at this age, too, for exactly the same reason, so I guess she really did get my eyes.

And last and farthest from least, guess who has a date with the podiatrist? Not me. She's 7. We actually stumped the doc on this one. Her toenails are growing into her toes, but it's not what they term ingrown. It's different. So we'll hear from the specialist any day now to set up an appointment.

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