Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Days...

Some days are like ... you're supposed to take it easy but instead you end up busy all day and it takes twice as long to get everything done because you have to keep recounting for the sixth time because you can't remember what number you were on because you were supposed to take it easy and you just keep thinking that you have waited all day for a coconut because you've been losing weight too fast because you're on some diet to rid yourself of allergies and it's working too well on the diet side of it so you get to enjoy a coconut to help you stabilize because they are one of 3 fats (from what I can tell) that you can eat and they also have caprylic acid which is supposed to add extra warriors to the huge battle raging inside your body and you finally pick out your treasured coconut and cradle and coddle your coconut all the way to the checkout line and fight with your broken debit card at the checkout and then bring it all the way back home and do all the work to extract every drop of prized juice and then all the work to bust it open... And it's moldy.

And then your husband walks in the door when he's supposed to still be at work, which is not good for your nerves in this state, plays hero and goes and gets you a new coconut and pokes the holes his way, which isn't your way, and it'd normally be okay but it's been a very long day and you start bawling because he's ruining your second coconut.

Yeah, some days are like that.

And this post is only 4 sentences.

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