Thursday, October 11, 2012

What he doesn't see...

So my father-in-law was hanging out with my seven-year-old tonight and checking up on my homeschooling. You know, because he's totally sold on the idea. Well she said we only did half of school today. Man did I get a look. Just one more piece of evidence I'm messing up my kid. But what she didn't say is that this child who hates reading spent the whole day curled up with a book. Several of them.

And "school;" did I mention that we're rocking' it? We're ahead of schedule. And she's thriving. She's so smart, I skipped ahead or made it harder for her. We read Matilda in a week and a half. We sing silly songs all the time. We talk about states with real knowledge (Washington is her favorite. She thinks it looks like an elephant). Oh, and she can write cursive.

But I only did half a day of school today. What on earth would make me think I could do that?

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Have I mentioned it's canning season? And just as I think I'm finally done canning, I go and buy 40 lbs of apples and tons of chicken. And pears. And my friend gives me green tomatoes. And another zucchini finds its way in my house. ... I'll post pics and such as soon as I catch my breath. And I actually mean that literally as well as figuratively. (oh yeah, ask my half-a-day-of-school-today daughter what those mean. We had lots of fun learning the difference while she was busting a gut over Ted Arnold). But, more on our adventures later. :)


  1. Wow! You are ROCKING that homeschooling thing!! I, on the other hand, am struggling lol any hints/tricks you can send my way would be GREAT! My biggest problem is coming up with a lesson plan/things to do everyday. Bleh. Second biggest problem is convincing Spencer that this is fun. He's all for it...for about 5 minutes. Then he's done. Suggestions? :-)

    1. Charlene, He's still young. Five-minute intervals is all he can handle. Do something for five minutes, then let him pick for ten minutes. Then do something for 5 minutes. Mostly, pretend you have no idea that they are doing "school." And everyone I ask says use boredom. Bring in games that teach. Leave the TV off indefinitely. Let them be bored enough to find the good stuff.

    2. oh, and as far as lesson plans, I'd just go off of interest. I have a friend that picks a theme for the month, puts all the things/books/games/etc she can find on that subject in her "treasure box" and lets the kid pick until the box is empty or until they're ready for another subject. I can see that working for your kid(s).

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    1. Kristin, I will write my story/reasons. I haven't forgotten. I've been a little busy/overwhelmed and the task seems worthwhile and daunting...