Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Okay, I Guess I Love Him...

I've been uber grumpy towards Ranger for the past couple days, and just haven't been able to shake it. It's been awful. So I decided we needed a chance to unwind. Bring on our favorite geeky game (we're not really that big of geeks, though, so geeky friends don't be offended I just categorized myself with you...).


(okay, honestly, I'm tripping out at the price-tag  It's a doozy. But an awesome game! If  you don't have to pay that much for it... Way cooler than Monopoly - which I hate - but very similar in style)
Anyway, I swear the game is tied to Karma. every card he got gave him tons of $$$ or property. Every card I got, I lost the property to him or to the bank...

See? It's rigged. My card says lose a property. His says get a property. 

Halfway through, the game became more evenly matched, and I actually won on a technicality  but since the game had been in his favor the entire time, we called it a nice even draw.

So, enjoying our time together helped a ton. And then, I wasn't feeling good this morning, so Ranger got the girl ready and cooked breakfast (I banned cereal forever ago... Pancakes is our fallback). He may have forgotten to help pack a lunch, and I don't know if her hair or teeth got brushed this morning (all things she conveniently likes to "forget"), but... this made my morning...


I guess I'd better keep him, huh? Isn't this pancake so cute? 

(oh, and in case you failed to notice... that pancake is wheat... and I can eat it! I've implemented everything back into my diet by now! And most things are fine. I still get a little itchy sometimes, but the cleanse helped immensely! And the rest, now that I know it wont kill me, is tolerable. I think I'll never enjoy some things like I used to, but I guess that's not really a loss. And I do read ingredients a little closer than before. But that's not a loss either. And you'd be disgusted at some of the places they hide garbage in our food if you went looking too closely, too.)

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