Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yea for Thriftiness!

I've been in a decluttering mood lately. That bug seems to hit when I can't seem to find the cause of my grumpiness or when my life feels out of balance. For me, my brain is all tied to my house; when my brain feels cluttered, the easiest solution is to declutter my house, and then somehow my brain seems less scattered. Yesterday's adventure? The activity closet. With our plethora (I used the word correctly. Most people use it wrong and it's a pet peeve of mine. Lame, I know) of Play Doh that has mostly dried out, I tried to find a solution to save it, so I didn't have to throw it all away. Then I came across this site. This person is a GENIUS!

She advises you to break the play doh into pea-sized pieces (we used the extruder.

Much less time-consuming. Then we just sort of crumbled the play doh after that. Or if it was too hard to go through the extruder, we just crumbled it. 2 of ours were that far gone.) Then we sprayed a spray bottle of water into the bag and shook the bag up to evenly coat. Then we waited a few minutes (more like a few hours, I got distracted), and checked them. I had to spray most of them again and shake them up, but when I checked them the second time, they were maleable again. All but the two that were still pretty bad, so we mushed all of them together, and then took the two that were still too tough and broke them into pieces again, sprayed more water on the dry ones, and let them sit in the bag overnight. When morning came, even the two over-dry ones were as good as new! super-pliable play doh!

And to think, Play Doh says it can't be done and you'll have to buy another tub... 

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