Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This quote intrigues me. I don't know how I feel about it. I guess it hits a little too close to home? Sometimes I'd just like to curl myself into that little ball. Sometimes it's too hard to be big and know you control nothing (but yourself) and much easier to be little and feel like you control something.

And then again, my favorite character in the Avengers is the old guy who stands up and says no to Loki. I watch the whole movie for that part. I love that he stands up. I love that he tells Loki that agency matters. And I love that Captain America (my second favorite character. What can I say? I'm strongly justice oriented) saves his life.

But really...I'd rather live my life, secluded somewhere off the grid, growing my food and charging my cell phone with solar energy (okay, so not THAT off the grid. The internet's kind of my friend, and I love being able to text) than to be big and bold and loud and stand up and make my voice heard.

So why do I feel like I'm meant for the latter?


  1. I 100% say we have to go our own way. I also believe that our own way doesn't have to mean that no one else goes that way ether. I want to be who I am because I choose it not because that's what everyone else is doing but what I choose might just happen to be what someone else chooses also. So much these days the world tells us that in order for our life to mean something we have to be doing some thing big or un-ordinary but I just don't believe this! I am living a "run of the mill" life but just because it is quiet and "run of the mill" doesn't mean it isn't extraordinary.

    1. MAK, I understand. I've always struggled with the balance of trying to be too much and my integral desire to back off and hide from the world. I think the perfect balance is in the middle, and, as you said, live the way we feel is right because we feel it, not because someone is or isn't living that way.