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How To Set Goals: Starting Off the New Year FHE

Purpose: teach the importance of setting and reaching goals.

Possible scriptures:Matt 5:16; Matt 5:48; Galatians 6:10; James 2:17-22; Jacob 2:18-19; 3 Nephi 13:24; 3 Nephi 13:33 (see also Matt 6:33); 3 Nephi 27: 27; Doctrine & Covenants 67:13

Possible Songs: "The Iron Rod," Hymns 274; "As Zion's Youth in Latter-days," Hymns 256; "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission," Children's Songbook 169; "The Things I Do," Children's Songbook 170; "I Love to See the Temple," Children's Songbook 95; "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus," Children's Songbook 78.

Possible Materials: Heber J Grant 3 stories (1, 2, 3); Tree of Life story aides (or this one. I made my own); Graham Cracker Story aides; Neil Armstrong Picture; Wordart for last line of Kimball quote.

Preparation: Begin with prayer. Consider some possible goals for yourself. Think of your own struggles with keeping goals. Is there ways you can improve, so that you can help others? Read the suggested scriptures and any articles listed in Resources.
Children: Listen to the audio for the Heber J Grant stories and watch the video for the Tree of Life. Gather up random game pieces.


Introduction: Distribute random game pieces from a variety of games (Lara,from whom I borrowed this idea, has a picture you can use if you don't have any - Page 3). Give random pieces to everyone, and tell them to go ahead and start to play. Don't give them any instructions; the idea is to get the blank stares. When they ask how they're supposed to play a game they don't know, talk about how it's the same with goals. It's hard to make it where we want to be if we don't know what goals we have in mind or what the point is. Goals are like instructions; they tell us where we want to be and how to win the game.

Discussion: Read the following quote from President Spencer W Kimball. Talk about some worthy life goals to set and what steps need to be taken to get there.
... My dear young friends, the positive things you will want to accomplish need only be decided upon once—like going on a mission and living worthily in order to get married in the temple—and then all other decisions related to these goals can easily be made. Otherwise, each consideration is risky, and each equivocation may result in error. There are some things Latter-day Saints do, and other things we just don’t do. The sooner you decide to do what is right, the better it will be for you!  ---Spencer W Kimball, "President Kimball Speaks Out On Planning Your Life," June 1982

From Church History: Picture of Heber J Grant (The link to download the picture can be found on this page). There are 2 different ways to talk about Heber J. Grant. The first is to readthis story, this story, and this story, from the Friend Magazine, and ask, “What goal did Heber make? What did he do to reach his goal? What happened because he made the goal?” after each story. The second option is to print out the church's discussion on Heber J. Grant found here.

From American History: Read the following story and ask, “What would have happened if Neil never pursued his goal of being a pilot? What about if he’d quit after he flew in the Navy? What if, when life got hard, he said he was done?”
When Neil was two years old, his dad took him to an air race. Neil decided that when he grew up, he wanted to be a pilot. When he got older, he took flying lessons at the county airport. He earned his flight license at 15, before his driver’s license.  He started college at 17 and began studying Aeronautical Engineering. When Neil turned 18, he was called up to serve in the Navy. There, he studied Naval Aviation. Right after he turned 20, he was a qualified Naval Aviator. Neil had lots of jobs in the Navy and continued to improve his skill. When he finished his military service, Neil became a test pilot. Soon, Neil was selected to participate in the space program that was trying to get a man on the moon. It took lots of work, and many different tries, but on July 21st, 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. 

From the Scriptures: Read or summarize Lehi's Dream as found in 1 Nephi 8. Discuss how the Tree of Life represents Eternal life, our ultimate goal. The Iron rod represents what we have to do to reach this goal. {It was hard for me to read the right verses to get to the meat of the story, and I didn’t want to mark in my scriptures just to make the story easier, so I wrote it out. I've summarized the scripture in the additional resource section.}
            Activity: Read the story; lay the story pieces out as each part of the story is mentioned.

From The Friend:  
Activity: Read “Graham Crackers, Grapes, and Goals.” This story talks about how each step is important for us to reach our goal. Use illustrations (I made mine) to help younger children pay attention to the story. I drew graham crackers and grapes and toys, etc. for my story.

From a Conference Talk: Read Keeping Life's Demands in Balance. Discuss the steps:(1) Think out your life and your priorities. What is most important? (2) Set short-term goals that you can reach quickly. (3) Balance needs and wants. (4) Stay close to family and study the scriptures (5) Study the scriptures (6) Plan time for sufficient rest, exercise and relaxation. (7) Family Home Evening (8) Pray often as individuals and as a family.

Further discussion: Talk about how to set SMART Goals. S = Specific (or Significant). M = Measurable (or Meaningful). A = Attainable (or Action-Oriented).R = Relevant (or Rewarding). T = Time-bound (or Trackable).   Also discuss the importance of prayer in setting goals. By taking the time to prepare, pray, and ponder about our goals, we are able to focus on what will be most beneficial for our family.

Challenge: Remind your family about how we need to keep goals in our mind AND we need to work to achieve them. We need to cling tightly to the rod and to the things we know will bring us to our goals. Now help each person think of a challenging, but attainable goal and have them write it down and keep it in a place they’ll see it.

Resources:   I got inspiration for this lesson from this site and from this site. Elder Ballard, Keeping Life's Demands in Balance;Graham Crackers, Grapes, and Goals”, The Friend, Jan. 2005.

ALSO: there's a cute printable here that you could use as a reminder, if you're interested in Disney Movie  reminders. Here's the pic I had in mind. 

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