Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In With the New (Goals for 2013)

Goals make me happy. I know for some people they don't work. But for me they give me something to look forward to and to work towards. They make my days different, instead of waking up each morning and saying "now what?"

I decided that since I had such success last year, I'd follow the same pattern this year. Some are the same. Either because I didn't get as far on them as I'd wanted, or because they're perpetual.

for 2013, I will:

...run. I will push myself. Something about running brings me happiness. Actually, it was the first time I discovered happiness. I don't know if it was the vitamin D, the endorphins,  the doing something good for myself, or just because I like running. But when I run, I smile. I kind of feel like I understand the Nike commercial in What Women Want. With the road, it's just me. And I get to be... yeah, that's it. I just get to be. I can exist. and in that moment in time, that's all that matters. I, a soul with a heart that pumps and lungs that breathe and legs that push forward... and a heart that can feel without restraint. Without social norms and expectations. Without victims and oppressors and rescuers. It's just me and the road.

...eat whole foods. I'll continue to remove the garbage from my diet and implement healthful [the 'ful' is for my mom... who doesn't read my blog anyway. She hates it when people say healthy when they're referring to something healthful that will make one healthy] foods. I will grow as much produce as I can for myself. I will not agonize over what is for dinner. When I feel like cooking a ton, I'll make mixes. And breads.

...finish unfinished projects. Because I didn't get them even remotely done last year. I'll work on my home binder, quilt (and bind... I hate binding...) my quilts, sort my hordes (seriously... it's bad) of papers, and improve my life by cutting out the "shoulds."

...add lessons I've prepared to my blog. I've made progress in the format I want it to take, so I think I'm ready to get going on this one... Until I lose motivation again.

...continue my study of the standard works. It's progressing. I'd also like to study the Marriage and Family CES manual with Ranger.

...Make holidays meaningful. This is something I really want to do. My problem is... It's January 15th, and I still have Christmas decorations up! I want to make decorations with each holiday, explore the meanings, and generally fall in love with each holiday. But Pinterest and the blogosphere take it WAY over the top! I'm nervous. And nerves don't work well for me on goals...

...improve self-care. In all aspects. Wellness is really important to me. I've made huge progress this past year. I'd like to focus on one aspect of wellness per [insert a proper time-frame here, as I think a week is too short, but a month only lets me improve 12 things in a year], work on that, and feel like I have accomplished something great for myself. Or maybe I'll try to accomplish one thing for each category of wellness per week? The only problem with that is it doesn't create habits. Let's just say this one's still a work in progress, and that's okay, because the end (self-care) is what I'm going for, and it'll happen if I work on it, no matter what guidelines I settle with. And studying the standard works, running, and creating order and meaning for myself ARE self-care.

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