Monday, January 14, 2013


Sooo... My 2013 goals are coming, but I got sick. Again. All weekend. I'm soooo done with it! Gah!

But on a completely un-sick topic (except that it comes from me): school was canceled up here in our frigid northlands, and since I managed to neglect a certain youngin' all day Sunday (does sitting next to each other watching separate movies count if I felt like I skipped death and went straight to zombie all weekend?), I rustled up the courage, and the vitamins, and we did a science experiment today. And built a fort, but then I went back to bed.

...anyway, I just have to ask...

Am I the only person that has RARELY gotten a compass to work? I have a really good sense of the cardinal directions, and I always have. Even when I didn't know what north meant, I could turn and point out which way my bed was facing at home.

But compasses? They never point north for me! And it's not like my directions are wrong. Unless Canada is south. I have looked at enough maps in my day. And maybe they're just too finicky? The one on my phone works fairly well, but it usually needs calibration every time. Maybe that's normal? And I wonder if the one on my phone is even magnetic? Wouldn't a magnet mess with a phone? I will say, it's been the best compass I've found so far.

And I won't even get into the cheap ones. Those compasses would get me lost for sure. I'd be better off trusting my instincts, the sun, and the north star.

All that being said...I've yet to grasp the concept of left or right. Whose right? And is it right from the front of you or the back of you? And then what happens if you turn? It's all too relative.

Now North, it never changes.

Unless I use a compass...

p.s. the arrow painted on is pointing true north here. The needle is pointing toward me. I can only conclude that I'm the center of the universe... 

Or maybe I have adamantium in my bone structure?

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