Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man!

I'm kind of geeking out! just a little. I looked at my blog stats today and there was a referring site that really took my blog off! I was rather shocked. Do you know what it was????

 I'm kind of shaking from the experience. Seriously!

 I'm mentioned in an e-article for Deseret News!

I guess I should pretend to be all cool...

"So, you see: I am always this cool, and someone just noticed. But it doesn't affect me. I'm always on top of my game. Not some struggling-to-put-the-pieces-together, regular woman who's a bit too outspoken and a bit too broken at times."

How's that?

Did you buy it?

Yeah, me neither.

{on a side note, I guess I should stop ranting so much on my blog...}

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